Sunday, 4 December 2016

MEYLE doubles MEYLE-HD water pump range: New additions cater for numerous VW and Porsche applications

18 MEYLE-HD water pumps with SiC/SiC mechanical seal and water pump bearing in OE quality

Hamburg, 30 November 2016. MEYLE has doubled its existing range of MEYLE HD water pumps for VW and Porsche models. Now totalling 18 items, the MEYLE-HD water pump range allows independent workshops to service an even wider array of vehicle applications and take full advantage of the benefits of SiC/SiC mechanical seals fitted on all MEYLE-HD water pumps.

A defective water pump can quickly cause serious engine damage and drive angry customers to the auto repair shop – a problem  which is easy to head off, if one relies on MEYLE-HD water pumps: They feature an extremely hard-wearing mechanical seal with SiC/SiC sliding face material pairing. The seal, which is used on MEYLE water pumps, offers excellent resistance to abrasive substances making it also the technology of choice for leading vehicle manufacturers. An extremely heat-resistant housing seal and the water pump bearing in original-equipment quality add extra durability to the MEYLE-HD water pump design.

MEYLE workshop advice No. 1: Only use the sealing material included in the MEYLE kit or specified by the manufacturer when installing the new water pump. Apply silicon sealant sparingly to prevent mechanical seal damage and/or coolant contamination.

MEYLE workshop advice No. 2: When replacing the water pump, the entire cooling system needs to be flushed thoroughly prior to refilling the system with new coolant. Adhere to the manufacturer's specifications at all times. This “MEYLE Mechanics” how-to video provides further information on how to flush the cooling system:
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About the company 
Under its MEYLE brand, Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG manufactures and markets a wide range of premium-grade passenger car, van and commercial vehicle spare parts for the independent aftermarket. The MEYLE brand's product lines are MEYLE-ORIGINAL, MEYLE-HD and MEYLE-PD.

Catering for virtually every popular vehicle application the wide range of product supplied by Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE features the following products: 
  • MEYLE-ORIGINAL – true to size as the original: This product line includes more than 21,000 top-class parts.
  • MEYLE PD – taking us to the next level: This product line features around 1,800 technically refined brake discs and pads distinguished by their enhanced braking performance and cutting-edge coating technology.
  • MEYLE-HD – better than the original: Devised by the company's in-house engineers, the MEYLE-HD line features more than 750 products to cater for thousands of different vehicle models. Designed to provide exceptional strength and long service life MEYLE-HD parts offer enhanced performance over original-equipment designs. Unrivalled in quality and durability technically-refined MEYLE-HD parts come with a four-year warranty.
Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG was founded in 1958 and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. The company operates in 120 countries supported by its state-of-the-art logistics centre in Hamburg, Germany, and a worldwide network of local offices and production sites.