Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wireless Network Capacity Comes in Threes

—CommScope Adds Innovative Tri-Beam Antenna to Sector Sculpting Portfolio—

DUBAI, UAE, September 2, 2015—Wireless network operators have a new, unique antenna option from CommScope to relieve overloaded cell sites and support high concentrations of subscribers in special venues.

The innovative Tri-Beam Antenna uses new lens technology to deliver three beams from a single antenna unit, enabling almost three times the capacity compared to a single-beam antenna.

Part of the Andrew® portfolio of wireless solutions, the Tri-Beam Antenna enables wireless operators to avoid finding and building out new sites, whether macro or small cells. Wireless operators can improve traffic load balancing for network hot spots with the highly accurate three beams. They can also use the Tri-Beam Antenna as a venue solution when music festivals and other well-attended events strain network capacity. CommScope also pairs the Tri-Beam Antenna with remote electrical tilt (RET) to offer maximum flexibility for optimizing each beam.

“CommScope continues to invest in multi-beam antennas because they are so effective for adding capacity while managing interference in the radio access network,” said Kevin Linehan, chief technology officer, Antenna Systems, CommScope. “CommScope expects the Tri-Beam to find major acceptance as a capacity enhancement solution to overloaded macro networks and high-capacity venues.”     

The Tri-Beam lens focuses antenna signals like a magnifying glass into three narrow beams, sculpting an overloaded sector into three sectors. The result is nearly three times the capacity as the original sector without adding a new cell site. When deployed in cell clusters, the Tri-Beam can achieve up to four times the capacity with the optimized overlap between cells.

"Mobile operators face tremendous competitive pressures that propel urgent capacity expansion requirements,” says Ken Rehbehn, principal analyst, 451 Research. “With advanced base station antenna technology driving more capacity into scarce cell site footprints, operators stand to sharply improve their customers’ experiences without incurring higher site lease costs.”

Significant performance benefits of the Tri-Beam Antenna include:

  • Nearly three times the capacity with a peak capacity of up to four times for some sectors when deployed in cell clusters
  • With four decibels more gain than a standard single-beam antenna, the Tri-Beam provides more than double the signal strength inside of the sector, resulting in better building penetration and at least 4 dB better signal to noise ratio (SINR), the crucial parameter for higher data throughput
  • Superior ratio of desired to undesired signal thanks to optimized sector roll-off
  • Better wind loading with the rounded form factor

To develop the Tri-Beam Antenna, CommScope partnered with Matsing, a leading provider of RF lens based solutions, to make lens technology into a commercially viable solution for base station antenna applications. Metamaterials used for the innovative dielectric lens reduce its weight by about 90 percent, making it viable for tower mounting.

CommScope will display the Tri-Beam Antenna at CTIA Super Mobility 2015 in Las Vegas, September 9–11.

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OptaSense major pipeline monitoring project in Mexico

OptaSense engineers prepare for installation
OptaSense technology to be deployed on Mexican pipeline to improve security and reduce cost of asset ownership
2 September 2015: OptaSense, a QinetiQ Company, has announced that its award-winning fibre-optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) system has been chosen to provide improved pipeline monitoring, including leak detection, on a gas pipeline in Mexico.
The contract, agreed at the beginning of 2015, is worth US$4 million and has just started the implementation stage.  The contract marks a further step forward in international expansion into the Americas, following on from projects in Brazil, Colombia, the USA and Canada.
OptaSense will be used for advanced leak detection using its patent pending, “4-mode” leak detection technology. OptaSense will also provide enhanced security monitoring to detect third party intrusion events, as well as ground movement monitoring.
The integrated solution works across these multiple functions via a single fibre-optic cable that effectively “listens” to the pipeline in order to provide detailed data about its current status. Any changes to the condition of the pipe are fed back through an interrogator unit, allowing users to identify and address issues early and maintain the highest level of pipeline availability and product throughput.
Magnus McEwen-King, Executive Director, OptaSense said: “This pipeline provides a vital natural gas supply to feed growing demand in central Mexico and we’re delighted that our DAS system will play a crucial role in keeping it safe while helping maintain the flow of gas.
“Mexico is currently building numerous new infrastructure projects for the future, with new pipelines, plants, rail and road infrastructure projects all being fuelled by huge investment. As part of our international investment strategy OptaSense is committed to supporting critical national infrastructure owners throughout Latin America to reduce the costs of asset ownership through real time monitoring and security.”

Responsible Finance Institute highlights universal value proposition of Islamic finance for leading role in the broader responsible finance industry

  • Responsible finance has grown across the developed markets but its growth in emerging markets where Islamic finance is concentrated has lagged
  • Islamic finance can benefit from cooperation with other areas of responsible finance through greater integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) into Islamic financing activities recognising their close fit with the principles of Shari’ah
  • The Responsible Finance Institute highlights the universal value proposition of Islamic finance and offers a unique way for Islamic financial institutions to provide leadership for the development of the global responsible finance industry
September 2, 2015 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The Responsible Finance Institute (“RFI”), a non-profit organisation, sees potential for Islamic finance to lead convergence around responsible financial principles to make the financial sector support equitable, inclusive and sustainable economic development.  A key aspect of its mission will be exploring opportunities for collaboration between responsible finance solely focused on ESG and an Islamic finance industry that recognises the key overlaps between the principles behind ESG and the principles which guide Islamic finance.
The announcement followed the Institute’s inaugural meeting of its Council of Advisors chaired by Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz and its Board of Trustees led by Chairperson Prof. Datuk Dr. Rifaat Abdel Karim that met in Edinburgh, UK on August 31st to finalise a work plan through to the end of 2016. 
The RFI’s efforts will be led by its Chief Executive Officer Blake Goud who will lead the development of its research agenda to map the global scope for responsible finance and opportunities for convergence.  The RFI plans to also become the reference point for creating awareness for how the universal value proposition of Islamic finance contributes to the development of responsible finance industry.   The research agenda will include, among other activities, the creation of an indicator of the quantitative and qualitative development of responsible finance
In addition to the RFI’s research agenda, RFI will host insightful roundtables in key centers of responsible finance globally to engage different perspectives in discussion of key issues in the industry.  These roundtables, will bring together professionals, academics and regulators of issues that will shape the future of the responsible finance industry. They will be supplemented with webinars to engage with additional stakeholders. 
The RFI’s awareness activities will build towards a conference to be held in the second half of 2016.  The RFI believes that to promote a balanced discussion of the responsible finance industry, it is vital to bring the ethical and socially responsible principles of Islamic finance into the conversation about supporting equitable, inclusive and sustainable economic development.
Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Chairperson of the RFI Council of Advisors said: "Since the financial crisis, there has been an increasing focus on the need for how financial institutions can incorporate ethical and responsible finance in their businesses across the industry.  I am delighted to support RFI’s efforts towards greater convergence of the socially responsible and ethical principles of Islamic finance within the broader responsible finance industry”.
Professor Datuk Dr. Rifaat Rifaat Karim, Chairperson of the RFI’s Board of Trustees said: “The RFI will be the source for creating and disseminating research and that provides a robust, detailed and balanced perspective about responsible finance. Disseminating this research and stimulating robust discussion about how to support greater integration of ESG into Islamic financing activities as a way of moving Islamic finance closer towards the principles of Shari’ah”. 
Blake Goud, the RFI’s CEO said: “One of the biggest missing pieces in responsible finance research today is the role that Islamic finance plays and what it can gain from engaging with the broader responsible finance community.  Building awareness about the growth in areas like socially responsible investing (SRI) Sukūk and financial products that focus on financial inclusion of the global Muslim population is not fully recognised in the responsible finance sector.”
About the Responsible Finance Institute (RFI)
The RFI is being established to integrate principles and solutions of the responsible financial sectors, including the ethical and socially responsible principles of Islamic finance into the global economic system to support equitable, inclusive and sustainable economic development.  
Its mission is to conduct research that explores the connections between the socially responsible, ESG and Islamic financial sectors, supports their convergence towards shared standards and engages stakeholders to build the responsible finance industry as a catalyst for economic development for the benefit of all. 
The Responsible Finance Institute is being established and will operate with a global focus that also reflects the importance that emerging markets have in laying the foundations of Islamic finance as a unique part of responsible finance industry.
In addition to HE Governor Zeti and Professor Rifaat Ahmed Abdel Karim, the RFI Council of Advisors includes HRH Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II and Professor Simon Archer. The RFI Board of Trustees includes Professor Rifaat Ahmed Abdel Karim (Chairperson), Dr. Sayd Farook (Vice Chairperson), Ms. Sarah Marten (Vice Chairperson), Mr. Daud Vicary Abdullah, Mr. Abdulla Al Awar, Mr. Hasan Al-Jabri, Mr. Tirad Al-Mahmoud, Dr. Mohd. Daud Bakar, Mr. Sultan Choudhury, Ms. Stella Cox, Mr. Brandon Davies, Mr. Rafe Haneef, Professor Datuk Dr. Mohd Azmi Omar, Mr. Omar Selim and Mr. Mustafa Adil.
About Responsible Finance
After the financial crisis, it was apparent that the link between risk and reward had been broken and needed to be rebuilt with ethics and morals at its heart. The financial crisis illustrated in stark fashion that ethics and business are not adversaries and that ultimately they need each other.
It is within this context that ‘responsible’ finance practices can play a powerful role in shaping the future of the global economy. There are various definitions and practices encapsulating the ‘responsible’ finance sector. These include sustainable, responsible and impact investing (SRI), environmental, social and governance (ESG) screens and Islamic finance, which is a form of financial intermediation in which funds are raised and applied using asset-based methods or partnerships in accordance with Islamic law instead of lending and borrowing.
Yet, the guiding principle that is shared among all of them is an appreciation that financial services can be a force, and indeed are necessary for equitable, inclusive and sustainable development. 

Ericsson helps Image Nation Abu Dhabi to launch new Arabic-language TV channel

  • Ericsson will provide playout and media management services for new pan-regional Arabic-language TV channel, Quest Arabiya, as part of exclusive, multi-year deal
  • Quest Arabiya will join the growing portfolio of TV channels managed by Ericsson from its newly established media hub in Abu Dhabi 
Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) today announced that it has signed an exclusive multi-year broadcast and media services contract with Image Nation Abu Dhabi, one of the leading content creators based in the Middle East.
The contract includes playout, media preparation, media management and archive services for the new Arabic-language TV channel, Quest Arabiya, which is slated to launch in Q4 2015.
The free-to-air service, which will broadcast 24 hours a day across the Middle East and North Africa, is a partnership between Image Nation and the world’s number one pay TV programmer, Discovery Communications. Quest Arabiya will air a combination of regionally-produced original content along with factual and reality programs from Discovery’s vast library of non-fiction shows, localized for the Arab market.
Carl Von Doussa, General Manager of Channels at Image Nation, said: “Partnering with an industry leader like Ericsson will ensure that Quest Arabiya’s playout and content management operations are in good hands. The agreement is part of our outsourced model, meaning that while Ericsson provide this managed service the Quest Arabiya team can focus on their core expertise: delivering exciting and original Arabic programming across the entire region.
“Ericsson clearly has a great reputation globally and a proven track record of delivery, and we’re looking forward to working together to deliver great content to 45 million households across the MENA region. We are also pleased that we were able to support Ericsson’s growing hub in twofour54, Abu Dhabi, through this agreement.”
Rafiah Ibrahim, President Ericsson Region Middle East and East Africa, says: “Today we see the TV industry in the region witnessing this transformation with strong local and international broadcaster base. Our role is to help those broadcasters seize the opportunities of this transformation.”
Ibrahim continued, “We look forward to working with Image Nation on the launch of its new, eagerly-anticipated TV channel. There is huge appetite for original, Arabic language content across the Middle East and we are honored to play an integral role in delivering this service 24/7 from our newly-established hub in Abu Dhabi. Our global expertise, local know-how and extensive experience in managing playout operations make us the partner of choice for media companies.” 
Earlier this year, Ericsson announced a partnership with twofour54, the home of Abu Dhabi’s media industry. As part of this partnership, Ericsson established a broadcast and media hub in Abu Dhabi to serve clients across the Middle East region and beyond. Quest Arabiya will join the growing portfolio of TV channels managed by Ericsson from this hub.
Michael Garin, CEO of Image Nation, said: “The partnership with Ericsson is a great example of the benefits of being on the twofour54 campus and part of the Media Zone Authority, where the best of local, regional and international expertise exists in one place in the heart of Abu Dhabi.”
Ericsson delivers some of the world’s most renowned and premium TV programing around the globe, powers some of the world’s largest and most complex video platforms, and helps the world’s strongest content brands to deliver personalized, high-quality programing to consumers 24/7. Ericsson enables content owners, broadcasters, and TV service providers across cable, satellite and telecoms to accelerate their transformation towards TV in the Networked Society. With many expansive solutions that include Media Delivery Network, Ericsson Mediaroom and Cloud DVR, Ericsson has shaped many evolutions in TV for over 20 years such as digital TV, IPTV, HD, and soon UHD and HDR. Ericsson holds many patents and is recognized with five Technical Emmy awards.
More information about Ericsson’s Broadcast and Media Services portfolio can be found here

إريكسون تتعاون مع إيمج نيشن أبوظبي على إطلاق قناة تلفزيون جديدة باللغة العربية

إريكسون ستوفر خدمات البث وإدارة الملفات لقناة Quest عربية التلفزيونية الجديدة ضمن إطار عقد حصري متعدد السنوات.
Quest عربية سوف تنضم إلى مجموعة متنامية من القنوات التلفزيونية التي تديرها إريكسون من مركزها الإعلامي الجديد في أبوظبي.
أعلنت إريكسون اليوم عن توقيعها عقد حصري متعدد السنوات لبث المحتوى الإعلامي مع إيمج نيشن، والتي تعد من أبرز شركات تطوير المحتوى الإعلامي على مستوى منطقة الشرق الأوسط. ويشمل العقد خدمات البث وإدارة الملفات وخدمات الأرشفة لقناة Quest عربية التلفزيونية الجديدة المقرر إطلاقها خلال الربع الأخير من العام الجاري.
وستتوفر القناة الجديدة مجاناً للمشاهدين، وستبث برامجها على مدار الساعة في جميع أنحاء الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا، وتعد Quest عربية مشروعاً مشتركاً بين كل من إيمج نيشن أبوظبي وديسكفري كوميونيكيشنز (Discovery Communications)، شركة البرامج التلفزيونية الأولى في العالم. وستقدم Quest عربية مزيجاً من البرامج الجديدة المنتجة إقليمياً إلى جانب مجموعة من البرامج الثقافية والوثائقية المعربة من مكتبة ديسكفري الواسعة الزاخرة بالبرامج الواقعية.
وقال كارل فون دوسا، مدير عام القنوات في إيمج نيشن: "يضمن لنا التعاون مع شركة رائدة في هذا المجال مثل إريكسون تبني أرقى المعايير الدولية في إدارة عمليات البث وإدارة الملفات الخاصة بقناة Quest عربية. ويأتي هذا الاتفاق ضمن إطار المنهجية التي نعتمدها في  تعهيد المهام لمصادر خارجية، حيث يسمح تقديم إريكسون هذه الخدمات لفريق Quest عربية أن يركز طاقم العمل في القناة على مهمتهم الأساسية والتي تتمثل بتطوير مجموعة برامج عربية تلبي أذواق المشاهدين في المنطقة بأسرها".
وأضاف: "تحظى إريكسون بمكانة بارزة على الصعيد العالمي وسجل حافل في مجال توفير أفضل الخدمات، ونحن نتطلع إلى العمل معاً لتقديم محتوى مميز يلبي تطلعات 45 مليون أسرة في جميع أنحاء منطقة الشرق الأوسط. كما يسرنا أن نساهم في دعم مركز إريكسون الإعلامي المتنامي في twofour54، من خلال هذا الاتفاق".
من جانبها، قالت رافية إبراهيم، رئيسة إريكسون منطقة الشرق الأوسط و شمال شرق أفريقيا: "يشهد قطاع التلفزيون في المنطقة تطورات متسارعة بفضل قاعدة راسخة من شركات الإذاعة المحلية والدولية التي تعمل فيها. ويتمثل دورنا في مساعدة هذه الشركات على اغتنام الفرص المتاحة في الأسواق ضمن بفضل هذه التطورات".
وأضافت: "نتطلع إلى التعاون مع شركة إيمج نيشن على إطلاق هذه القناة الواقعية الجديدة، والتي يترقبها المشاهدون بفارغ الصبر. ويتمتع المشاهدون ضمن منطقة الشرق الأوسط باهتمام كبير بالمحتوى الأصيل المنتج باللغة العربية ، وتحن فخورون بالدور الهام الذي نؤديه في توفير هذه الخدمة على مدار الساعة من مركزنا الجديد في أبوظبي. تمتلك شركتنا خبرات عالمية ومحلية ومعارف واسعة في مجال إدارة عمليات البث، هذا يؤهلنا لتلبية متطلبات شركات المحتوى الإعلامي على أكمل وجه".
يذكر أن إريكسون أعلنت في وقت سابق من هذا العام عن شراكة مع twofour54. وقامت إريكسون بموجب هذه الشراكة بإنشاء مركز إعلامي في أبوظبي لخدمة العملاء في جميع أنحاء منطقة الشرق الأوسط وما حولها. وسوف تنضم Quest عربية إلى مجموعة متنامية من القنوات التلفزيونية التي تديرها إريكسون عمليات بثها من هذا المركز.
بدوره، قال مايكل غارين، الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة إيمج نيشن أبوظبي: "تعد الشراكة مع إريكسون مثال هام على المزايا التي يوفرها التواجد ضمن منطقة twofour54 والعمل تحت مظلة هيئة المنطقة الإعلامية، والتي تجمع أفضل الخبرات المحلية والإقليمية والدولية في مكان واحد يقع في قلب مدينة أبوظبي".
يذكر أن حلول إريكسون توفر مجموعة من أشهر وأرقى البرامج التلفزيونية الدولية في جميع أنحاء العالم، وتدعم عمليات عدد من أكبر وأعقد منصات الفيديو في العالم، وتساعد كبريات العلامات التجارية العالمية في قطاع المحتوى على تقديم خدمات وبرامج ذات جودة تلبي الأذواق الشخصية للمستهلكين على مدار الساعة. وتدعم إريكسون عمليات أصحاب المحتوى، وشركات الإذاعة، ومقدمي خدمات التلفزيون عبر الكابل والأقمار الصناعية، وشركات الاتصال، حيث تسعى لدفع عجلة التحول نحو المجتمع الشبكي في قطاع التلفزيون. وتوفر إريكسون العديد من الحلول الشاملة والمتكاملة التي تشمل شبكات توصيل المحتوى الإعلامي، ومنصة إريكسون ميدياروم (Ericsson Mediaroom) وتسجيل الفيديو السحابي (Cloud DVR)، حيث ساهمت إريكسون في رسم ملامح العديد من التطورات في قطاع التلفزيون على مدى أكثر من 20 عاماً، وفي مقدمتها التلفزيون الرقمي، والتلفزيون عبر بروتوكول الإنترنت، والتلفزيون عالي الدقة. وتعمل الشركة على إطلاق خدمات متطورة جديدة في وقت قريب مثل التلفزيون فائق الدقة (UHDTV) والنطاق عالي الديناميكية (HDR). كما تحمل إريكسون في جعبتها العديد من براءات الاختراع وقد حصلت على خمسة من جوائز إيمي التقنية (Technical Emmy).
للمزيد من المعلومات حول مجموعة إريكسون لخدمات البث والمحتوى الإعلامي، اضغط هنا.

Covestro, formerly Bayer MaterialScience, goes live in Dubai

  • New Covestro office inaugurated at Dubiotech premises
  • Bayer intends to float Covestro on the stock market by mid-2016 at the latest

Dubai, September 2, 2015 – Covestro, formerly Bayer MaterialScience, has inaugurated its regional office at DuBiotech premises in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At the same time, Covestro’s corporate identity, which includes a distinctive new and colorful, vibrant brand has come effective. Bayer intends to float Covestro on the stock market by mid-2016 at the latest. The plan for Bayer MaterialScience to become a separate company was announced in September 2014.

The new name including the new identity was announced earlier this year yet has gone live on September 1st coinciding with the inauguration of the new office. The name Covestro is made from a combination of words that reflect the identity of the new company. The letters C and O come from collaboration, while VEST signifies the company is well invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The final letters, STRO, show the company is strong. It is strong in innovation, strong in the market and with a strong workforce.

“Covestro represents a bold new direction and bright future for an innovation-driven polymers company,” said Harald Liedtke, Senior Covestro Representative. “The new name is part of a brand and identity that is the result of listening to our customers, employees and others close to our business, and which reflects our innovation, talent and big thinking. We are absolutely convinced that our colorful identity and positive vision will help inspire and motivate us on our new path to the future.”

Covestro has inaugurated its new regional office at DuBiotech premises in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This office together with the Covestro development lab will offer local customized support to the industry across the Middle East and Africa. DuBiotech is the major life science cluster in the Middle East. “Our company develops innovative and sustainable solutions as answers to global challenges,” explains Liedtke. “One example is combating climate change and CO2 emissions which results in rising demand for high-tech raw materials for eco-friendly construction. With this new office, Covestro underscores its commitment to the region.”

Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Executive Director of DuBiotech, said: “We are delighted to welcome Covestro as a new member of our community at DuBiotech. The organisation brings innovative and sustainable solutions to the region and that is exactly in line with our vision and mission.

“We are extremely proud of the collaborative community that we have created. Promoting partnerships and encouraging greater knowledge sharing is at the heart of everything we stand for. This all helps make DuBiotech one of the most vibrant and innovative hubs for the sciences industry.”