15 September, 2021

BLOOVO Expands to Egypt and the USA


The move is part of the company’s efforts to grow and offer its unique AI-powered talent acquisition solutions beyond Asia

Dubai, UAE, 15 September 2021: BLOOVO, the leading recruitment technology company specialising in the provision of AI-powered talent acquisition solutions has expanded to Egypt and the US markets with its wide portfolio of solutions and products for its AI-powered applicant tracking system “HYRDD” and also its Virtual Hackathon Platform “BKATHON”. The move comes as part of BLOOVO’s continued efforts to go global and achieve its vision of revolutionising the talent acquisition industry with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with unique value proposition.

Dr. Ahmad Khamis, co-founder and CEO, BLOOVO, said: “Egypt and the US are new markets that are part of our growth strategy, as we enter a new growth phase in our journey. The talent acquisition market has matured significantly with many organisations across the world realising its true potential and how it is helping transform employer-employee experience. We believe that Egypt is a steppingstone towards having a full-fledged presence in North Africa and we expect robust adoption of our solutions early on. Expanding into the US is also a great milestone for us, as we will be able to be at the forefront of revolutionising the talent industry with the power of artificial intelligence.”

According to a recent survey by Reuters, Egypt's economy is expected to grow 5.0% in the fiscal year that ends in June 2022, while a survey by the National Association of Business Economists predicted strong growth for companies in the US for the rest of the year and into the spring of 2022. Based on these forecasts, the need for businesses to hire talent to fuel their business growth seems imminent. BLOOVO offers AI-powered hiring solutions at a time when technology is permeating every area of life and work and businesses are reconsidering how they find, hire, and retain the right talent.

Dr. Khamis added: “There is a big potential for BLOOVO to help companies in the new markets we are entering to achieve transformative operations in their HR functions that will lead to more efficiencies. We are excited for the future and look forward to entering more markets that have potential for our integrated solutions.”

Founded in 2015, BLOOVO rapidly grew in the MENA region leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in its talent acquisition technology solutions. To date, BLOOVO’s solutions have been utilised by more than 3,500 organisations from the GCC including official government authorities in KSA and the UAE.


Dr. Ahmad Khamis, co-founder and CEO, BLOOVO