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Enigma's 5th Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success in London

On October 14th 2018, Enigma Magazine organised its 5th annual Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success in the glamour capital of the world, London! Two of the hottest celebrities in the Middle East, Egyptian superstars Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin, were our guests of honour and they truly dazzled the crowd. The celebration took place at one of London's most prestigious and sumptuous venues, the elegant Park Chinois in Mayfair.

With each Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success, Enigma aims to promote a greater appreciation of Arab success stories and Arab culture around the world.

       DSC_0010MARAM 2.jpg              DSC_0053MARAM 2.jpg                   
Egyptian actress               &                   Egyptian actor  
   Nelly Karim                                       Asser Yassin   


THE ENIGMA ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: In 2016, Enigma Magazine introduced its first Enigma Achievement Awards at its Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success Beverly Hills, to honor leading Arab personalities and entrepreneurs who have had an international impact through their careers. The first Enigma Achievement Award recipients included Lebanese film producer and entrepreneur, Elie Samaha; renowned Syrian dermatologist, Dr. Zein Obagi; Egyptian media mogul, Hala Sarhan; Egyptian television and movie icon, Yousra and Egyptian television and movie star, Amr Youssef. The 2018 the Enigma Achievement Awards recipients in Los Angeles included Egyptian entrepreneur, Gamal Aziz, entrepreneur/investor, Dr. Saad Al Barrak, real estate developer/entrepreneur, Mohamed Hadid, actress Laila Eloui for Excellence in Film and Television, as well as real estate developer, Hassan Morshedy, who received Enigma’s Rising Star award.

Enigma’s Achievement Awards winners in London this year were: Egyptian entrepreneur and global business tycoon, Naguib Sawiris, for Excellence in Entrepreneurship; Saudi pioneer and business guru, SHK Nadia Al Dosari, for Excellence in the Iron & Steel Industry; mega successful Egyptian real estate developer, Mohamed Morshedy, for Excellence in Real Estate Development; and Egyptian superstars Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin for Excellence in Film & Television. The awards are now an integral part of Enigma’s annual event.

Egyptian entrepreneur 
Naguib Sawiris   
  IMG_9584TAHA.jpg           morshedy_1.jpg
     Saudi entrepreneur                           Real estate developer 
   SHK Nadia Al Dosari                          Mohamed Morshedy  

Yasmine Shihata, the Founder and CEO of Enigma Magazine, started Enigma Magazine’s 'Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success in Beverly Hills' in 2015. The event was a huge success and has now become an annual celebration that is eagerly awaited by the Beverly Hills community and Arab visitors every year.

This year, Enigma's celebration in London, hosted over 200 VIP guests, including Egyptian Italian model and philanthropist, Elisa Sednaoui, Lebanese TV presenter and MBC producer Raya Abirached, and British former professional boxer, Chris Eubank. The event was a huge success and generated a lot of buzz in London and throughout the Arab region.


IMG_9462NATOUR.jpg        DSC_0084MARAM 2.jpg      IMG_9910NATOUR.jpg  
      Egyptian Italian model                Lebanese TV presenter                     British former 
                   and philanthropist                         and MBC producer                    professional boxer      
           Elisa Sednaoui                             Raya Abirached                         Chris Eubank



Enigma's 5th Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success was a huge success thanks to the help of the sponsors who chose to support intercultural understanding and to foster a better appreciation of Arab culture and achievements, and for that we applaud them and thank them. Our amazing sponsors were: Memaar Al Morshedy, Park Chinois, British Airways, Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Azza Fahmy Jewelry, Chatila, 23MD Clinic, Moet, Belvedere Vodka, George Ghassan Hair, Katia Beauty, and Brownstreets Productions.

About Nelly Karim

The accomplished and beautiful Egyptian actress, Nelly Karim, has always stood out with her amazing talent and professional work ethic. Born to an Egyptian father and Russian mother, Karim began her career as a professional ballerina, then started her acting career with the legendary director Youssef Chahine, in his film Iskenderia New York (Alexandria New York). Her role in Alf Lela w Lela (one Thousand and One Nights) in 1995 was a turning point in her career, while her first notable screen role was in Wajh al-Qamar (The Moon’s Face) in 2000. Today, Karim is considered one of the most popular and successful actresses in the Arab entertainment industry, and has had leading roles in the region’s most popular Ramadan TV series for the last seven consecutive years. She has dazzled audiences with her remarkably realistic impersonations of a variety of complicated and intriguing characters from diverse segments of Egyptian society. Her biggest TV roles include Zat in Bent Esmaha Zat (A Girl Called Zat) in 2013, Ghalia in Segn El-Nesa (Women’s Prison) in 2014, and Mariam in Taht El Saytara (Under Control) in 2015. In the course of her career, Karim, has won several awards including, Best Actress in the Cairo Film Festival in 2004 for her role in the film Enta Omry (You are my life), Special Award at the Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema in 2010, for her role in the film Wahed Sefr, (One Zero), and for her role in the film 678, she won both the Jury Grand Prize at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in 2011 and Best Actress award at the Arab Film Festival in 2012.
DSC_0010MARAM 2.jpg  
Egyptian actress
Nelly Karim 

About Asser Yassin:

With talent, good looks and the ability to play characters with remarkable depth, Asser Yassin rose quickly within the Arab film industry. Although the Egyptian star held a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the American University in Cairo, he chose to follow his passion for acting. His talent was revealed when he was cast to replace the leading man in a university play. Yassin then went on to star in many reputable plays and short films such as the controversial and critically acclaimed Beit Min Lahm (House of Flesh) in 2005.

Director Khairy Bishara then entrusted him with a role in the TV series Qalb Habiba (Habiba’s Heart), which marked the beginning of Yassin’s serious acting career. Soon after, Yassin starred in the box office hit Al Jazirah (The Island) and the acclaimed film, Haleem. Yassin then took on a series of highly praised roles in the films Ala Ganb Yasta (Pull up Driver) and Zay El Naharda (On a Day Like Today). These films lead to his leading role in the action film Al Waad (The Promise), which gave him the chance to establish himself in the industry.
With the release of his film, Rasayel El Bahr (Messages from the Sea), Yassin was catapulted to a whole new level. The film was praised as one of the best motion pictures in Arab cinema and received several awards at international film festivals. His success continued in 2015 when his long awaited film Aswar El Qamar (Walls of the Moon) was released and won him the Best Actor award at the Tetouan International Mediterranean Film Festival. That year Yassin also starred in two of the biggest TV productions, El Ahd (The Covenant) and Alf Lela w Lela (1001 Arabian Nights). Yassin’s latest work was the blockbuster, Turab Al Mass (Diamond Dust) which is currently in theaters.

DSC_0053MARAM 2.jpg  
Egyptian actor 
Asser Yassin

About Enigma Magazine: Launched 18 years ago, Enigma Magazine is the Arab world’s leading English-language lifestyle publication, providing a vibrant mix of high profile interviews, high-end fashion, inspiring travel features and coverage of the best events in the Middle East and beyond. Enigma provides exclusive insights into the region’s leading and most glamorous figures. Business moguls, media personalities, society leaders and international celebrities have all graced its glossy pages, accompanied by thought-provoking articles and outstanding photography. Distributed across the Arab world, Enigma has become the definitive source for modern Arab men and women.

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About Yasmine Shihata, Founder & CEO of Enigma Magazine: Yasmine Shihata is one of Egypt's few female entrepreneurs. She is an Egyptian and UK national, who graduated from the London School of Economics (LSE) and has always done her best to project a more positive image of Muslims and Arabs throughout the Middle East and the world. Yasmine began her professional career in New York City, where she joined Vogue magazine as senior assistant to the Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour. This demanding position exposed her to the corporate magazine world and the intricacies of magazine production and public relations. Yasmine then moved to Egypt and in 2000, founded Enigma Magazine, which has become the leading international Arab magazine, with a strong presence in print, online, social media, PR and events.

Enigma Magazine's Founder & CEO
Yasmine Shihata