03 May, 2018

Ajman University announces winners of the first ever “Ajman University got talent”

Sharaf Alsharafi and Karim Abu Saif win the final for their outstanding performance to the song Asabaki Eshiq

United Arab Emirates, Ajman, 02 May- Two exceptionally talented students won the final for the first ever ‘Ajman University got talent’ event held at the campus last week. Awarded for their remarkable singing skills, the students were handed a prize of AED 10,000 by Dr. Karim Seghir, AU Chancellor. The runner ups were Rose Yanbeiy, voted for singing and Abdul Rahman Awad for his talent in rapping, they were awarded AED 6000 and AED 4000 respectively.

Ajman University introduced the event to showcase the unique and impressive talent of students through extra-curricular activities outside academia. Choosing the song Asabaki Eshiq by Abdel Rahman Mohammed Mohab Omar, the duo had the crowd going.

Students from various all academic colleges were selected through two rounds of auditions, after which the finalists went through to the last round on the 19th of April. They were judged and consequently gained scores on the basis of their talent, originality, competence, presentation skills and audience interaction.

“I congratulate the winners and the runners up for our first ever Ajman University Got Talent event. We are pleased to be inaugurating such an exciting event at our institution, as the show certainly provides a platform to showcase the impressive co-curricular abilities of our students outside of their academic capabilities,” said Dr. Nahla, Dean of student affairs, Ajman University.

“I am confident that such talent will aid students in their careers through the discipline, preparation and fierce determination that goes in to nurturing a skill,” she added.