Tuesday, 17 April 2018

A platform to unleash healthcare innovation

Luxemburg, Paris, Manama, April 16, 2018: “We believe our vision which focuses to make heath and healthcare better for all patients, whether they are local resident or medical tourist. By 2025, MyHippocrates shall be recognized as the best integrated healthcare platform in the Middle East region and beyond by providing superior services to its customer and embracing medical innovation”, Mr. Evangelos PAPADOPOULOS, Chairman of MyHippocrates said.

In the past decade, the Healthcare industry and the huge technological environment have witnessed radical changes. Internet of things (IoT) and medical devices are everywhere now, it is also foreseen that mobile health market will reach 49 $billion by 2020. Future 5G mobile deployment will increase the demand for wearable devices integrations. On the other hand, National Governments have to cope with a need for cost efficiency that is driven by the foreigner growth (+ 2 million by 2030) and ageing population (+5 % per year).

MyHippocrates is pleased to announce the appointment of Bahraini Knowledge Economy Expert, Mr. Mohammed Ebrahim Al Fardan in the position of the Global Strategy and Investment Executive Vice president of MyHippocrates. He is a Ward-Winner Global Knowledge Economy, ICO, Blockchain, Internet-of-Things, Artificial Intelligence Expert, Advisor, Mentor.

Mr. Evangelos PAPADOPOULOS, chairman added: “Mr. Mohammed Al Fardan is great value and asset to our businesses worldwide, his knowledge, experience and achievements will no doubt contribute to the growth and success of our FinTech and Hi-Tech ventures globally.”

“I am honored to be approached and chosen to this executive and important position in a such advance technology and specialized company focused on healthcare. It is great startup with great potential and very advanced technologies. I will focus on expanding the company and offerings to the Middle East region, then will move to other contenets globally”. Mr. Mohammed Al Fardan said.

Founded in 2015, MyHippocrates

aims to bring state of the art technology to the Healthcare industry by developing a patient centered platform that will ease patient day to day live as well as the prevention and treatment of the chronical disease.

Forging the Future Roadmap

MyHippocrates has made their services available worldwide by making them accessible via cloud APIs. Furthermore, the integration of the company’s offering IoT will disrupted the current practices and promote the adoption of the precision medicine. Thanks to its open Architecture, MyHippocrates is able to integrate with any legacy system. Furthermore, MyHippocrates will partner with all regional research center. The company will also focus on the expansion of the startup ecosystems.

The new platform is targeting 2 million of end users in the EMA and 10 million in the world. In order to support its growth, the company will create 200 high qualify jobs in the EMA region, as well as will raise 20 million $US.