Sunday, 19 February 2017

Cook Children’s Health Care System Incorporates Use of 3D Technology in Pediatric Surgeries

State-of-the-art 3D Lab the latest technological health care services made available for Gulf Country nationals and residents
(15th February, 2017) Dubai, U.A.E. – Cook Children’s Health Care System, a pediatric health care organization based in Fort Worth, Texas, has recently launched a state of art 3D aPPROaCH Lab. The new three-dimensional lab for planning and printing of congenital heart disease (3D aPPROaCH Lab) uses advanced technology to support pre-surgical planning and family education for patients with complex heart conditions, making Cook Children’s is one of the few pediatric healthcare facility in the United States to combine 3D virtual viewing and 3D printing.
Says Executive Director International Patient Services, Cynthia Gonzalez at Cook Children’s Health Care System: “Enhancing our patients experience is the core of what we offer to those in need from the GCC. Incorporating latest technology in our surgical process helps us enhance our patient’s experience while allowing us to reduce time spent in the operating room and more time dedicated to healing from the procedure.”
The 3D virtual viewing software and 3D printer are housed in a dedicated lab on the campus of Cook Children's Medical Center. Convenient access to the 3D aPPROaCH Lab means physicians are able to access, collaborate and formulate detailed plans before going into the operating room to work on a complex case.  
3D preparation is currently used in various forms of planning palliative repairs in rare forms of complex congenital heart disease, pre-operative evaluation of unique manifestations of congenital heart disease, creation of pre-operative templates for surgical baffles and septal defects, virtual deployment of transcutaneous valve (Melody, Edwards) in high risk patients and virtual deployment of percutaneous atrial septal defect devices in patients with multiple defects.
Says Steve Muyskens, M.D., cardiologist who led effort to launch the 3D aPPROaCH lab: “Before we opened the 3D lab, we were depending on two-dimensional images to show us the structure of the heart. Now, we’re able to print the exact dimensions of a heart with all of the grooves and chambers. It’s very exciting.”
At the 3D aPPROaCH Lab, surgeons are able to form a comprehensive understanding of a patient's anatomy before operating and can formulate a more informed and detailed surgical or interventional plan. Virtual surgery or catheterization procedures are also available with a possibility of reduction in follow up surgeries or catheterizations. Implementing this technology have improved survival rates in more complex cases.
Says Executive Director International Patient Services, Cynthia Gonzalez at Cook Children’s Health Care System: “At Cook Children’s we strive to incorporate everything into our care regimes possible to provide our special patients with every opportunity for a better life. This not only includes the latest technology, but also the support and care of our talented staff to both patients and their families. We are thrilled to launch the 3D aPPROaCH Lab designed especially for paediatric care, and equally thrilled to provide these specialized services to the children of the Middle East through our International Patient Program.”
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