Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Rich in History, Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a Stay with a Story

DUBAI, UAE – November 1, 2016 – There’s something special about a hotel with a colourful past. No matter how opulent the rooms, impeccable the service or exceptional the amenities, an atmosphere that is alive with rich history is an inherent quality that is invaluable, leaving guests with a unique and unforgettable experience.
Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s origins date back to the early 1900's, the era of romantic grand tours, long voyages and illustrious travellers. Lake Como was already an obligatory stopover on the international tourist circuit and a favourite destination with the elite, and the hotel was its hotspot, situated in an extraordinary location bordering on the gardens of Villa Carlotta, commanding the best view on Lake Como. After opening on July 10, 1910 with a party in its honour and great public celebrations, the hotel became Lake Como’s most cosmopolitan destination while also brimming with authentic Italian hospitality – all attributes which have remained with the hotel through the years into today. Even Greta Garbo looked fondly on the destination, who refers to Tremezzo as that happy, sunny place in the 1932 film, Grand Hotel.
Guests at the lakeside resort can immerse themselves into the hotel’s history – making it a part of their very own personal story – by choosing one of the hotel’s historic suites as a home away from home when holidaying on the shores of Como. Six historic suites spread throughout the Palace range – many with additional space in lavish private outdoor areas such as gardens or balconies. 
In Suite Aurelia, inspired by one of the great ladies of the owner’s family, antiques from the lady’s personal collection are displayed amid timeless décor and a warm atmosphere; Suite Carlotta showcases a regal quality apropos to its princess namesake with a wood-panelled foyer, a drawing room and two balconies reigning over views of the lake; while Suite Greta steals the show with ample old-school glamour – just like the actress herself – replete in fine marble and featuring a spacious terrace overlooking the lake and Bellagio ideal for celebrity-worthy sunbathing. Hidden away in the 18th-century Villa Emilia, Suite Emilia – the newest and largest of Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s historic suites – is both classic and contemporary with delicate colours, an opulent bathroom in Lasa marble, and private access to the hotel’s award-winning T Spa.
To enjoy an unforgettable holiday in one of the storied suites overlooking Lake Como, while allowing a dedicated lifestyle manager to satisfy every whim and indulging in gourmet delicacies, Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers a “Suite Temptations” package to dually delight and craft unforgettable memories.
  • Two-night stay in a luxury suite (two-night minimum stay)
  • Breakfast served in-room each morning or in restaurant La Terrazza
  • In-room champagne and strawberry welcome on arrival
  • One à la carte dinner for two with champagne signed by Italian maestro Gualtiero Marchesi, served in the privacy of the suite
  • Conditions: This offer is subject to availability at the time of reservation and may be prolonged at a favourable rate. Some restrictions may apply
  • Rates from: €950/night, including breakfast, in Park View Prestige Room (VAT and fee excluded)
For information and reservations contact Grand Hotel Tremezzo reservation office on +39 0344 42491 or email reservations@grandhoteltremezzo.com.