Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Panasonic Showcases Strength in Visual Solutions for Booming Industries in Qatar

Doha, Qatar
Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa in collaboration with Techno Q, in Qatar organized a seminar, on 11th May and 12th May 2016 to showcase its strength in visual solutions for various booming industries in the country. The seminar addressed patrons from the education sector and consultants.

GCC’s audio visual market has turned into one of the world’s fastest growth rates and this shift is being led by rising demand for products, equipment and services for GCC megaprojects and events such as the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and Dubai Expo 2020, with the hospitality and retail sectors expected to reap most of the benefits.

Qatar's successful 2022 world cup bid will likely accelerate large-scale infrastructure projects, industrial conventions, aviation and hospitality projects and much more. Simultaneously, development and expansion of Qatar’s education system has also become one of the cornerstones of the National Vision 2030. The government of Qatar has identified education as key to meeting this target and has been working to increase the number of universities and schools in the country, emphasizing on equipping them with the latest technology and renewed focus on upgrading research and innovation abilities.

In line with the country’s vision to boost the Education sector and to meet the surging demands of hi-tech visual solutions for the upcoming mega projects, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa showcased its latest solutions in categories like Professional Display, Projectors, HDVC, Security and Pro-AV solutions.
The seminar served as a resourceful platform for the patrons from education industry and consultants to interact with experts from Panasonic and also to ‘touch and feel’ the latest technologies that Panasonic is offering in the visual solutions category.
Mr. Yasuo Yamasaki – Director, System Solutions and Communications Division, PMMAF commented at the event, “Panasonic’s premium Japanese quality solutions are the game-changers of technology. The broad line-up of our products in the visual solutions category will serve as the custom-built solutions for the booming industries of Qatar. Nearing 100 years of existence in year 2018, Panasonic holds the legacy of bringing high quality technologies that enhance the experiences not only for businesses but also for its customers.”
He added, “Our awe-inspiring solutions have changed the landscape for many industries all over the world and will similarly empower industries in Qatar for marching towards the future. Given the changing market dynamics in the region, we are hopeful that our customers can embrace future in exciting forms.”

Mr. Abdulla Alansari – Executive Director, Techno Q stated, “The uprising of visual technology is opening doors for education authorities to engage students into innovative learning and reaching them through the high-speed communications networks that connect students both in and out of the classroom. Panasonic has introduced these exceptionally outstanding solutions that will enhance not just the learning experience but teaching as well.”  
“Speaking of the mega projects in Qatar, we believe that Panasonic’s solutions are the best way to prepare ourselves to welcome the biggest of world events.” He added.

The seminar served as an opportunity to the attendees to experience the real time demonstrations of the latest:
Creating a vision for the business and higher education, Panasonic introduced its latest laser projectors at the seminar to make a difference in education and training. Communication using large-scale images heightens the level of understanding and satisfaction, and helps to add value to programs offered by universities, colleges, and organizations. Panasonic’s wide line-up of projectors match various installation locations and usage providing higher durability and operating ease.
The professional display line-up consisted of the most advanced digital signage and interactive displays designed in a variety of models, using Panasonic’s unique technology to support various business activities.
With the latest in 4K technology, Panasonic showcased the Dome Network Camera, 4K Network Camera and the PTZ Network Camera. The top quality security systems which are compatible with high-quality technologies offer the opportunity to create safer academic environment, safer city and protection to financial institutions from various crimes.
The Pro-AV category showcased Remote Camera Systems and Controller. The Full HD camera system with integrated pan-tilt for education and training programs, which performs in a wide variety of onsite shooting applications that require high-quality video, such as conferences, lecture capture and other events, thanks to its high-performance zoom, wide angle of view and outstanding color reproducibility.
HD Visual Communications System:
Panasonic’s latest HD Visual Communications System grasps effective visual communication without restrictions on time or place. It caters to a wide range of communication needs, in various fields, such as education, training and finance; this system solution uses the high-quality image technology which allows smooth and accurate communication. The product line-up is categorized into different models suiting specific requirements.
Panasonic Visual Solutions are available in Qatar. For any inquiries please send an email to: customercare@ae.panasonic.com  , or call on the following number: +971 8007262