Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Homping Grill makes charcoal grilling easier anytime and everywhere

Grill lovers seem to all agree that charcoal grills provide tasty flavor and healthier dishes over gas grills. Now don’t let the absence of an outdoor area prevent you of a good barbecue.
This unique Korean-designed Homping Grill launched in 2013, came up with a new comfortable charcoal grill concept that helps people enjoy charcoal -grilled dishes in a convenient manner either at home or outdoors by using genuine charcoal and nearly eliminate smoke.
The Homping Grill allows a much more competitive grilling over gas in terms of portability and convenience. The grill uses a fan that is powered either by batteries or a portable power bank to increase heating efficiency, meaning that you can get up to meat-blistering heat with a small amount of charcoal in a compact grill body.
The grill holds up to 12 briquettes, and Homping estimates that eight briquettes will provide an hour of grilling at 204° C. The round grill measures 14 x 7 in (diameter x height, 36 x 18 cm) and weighs 3.8 kg.