Wednesday, 16 March 2016



Aldro Trading brings you the “The Unique Technology ALDROFARM® Slow Juicer. Thanks to the ULTEM SCREW – ecofriendly material- that is delicately made with robust new material called ULTEM to keep nutrients from being destroyed and make a 100% undiluted fresh juice preserving the original taste and nutrition. ULTEM SCREW is semi-permanent and highly durable. The innovative technology embedded in ALDROFARM® is what makes ALDROFARM® one of the premium world-class products.
ALDROFARM® gently squeezes ingredients at a slow speed without causing any shock or friction to ingredients unlike other Mixers or juicers that use high-speed rotating blades allowing you to get a freshly squeezed juice enriched with natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which help to maintain the health of modern people who are exposed to all different adult diseases, skin care and diet.
ALDROFARM® juicer with the Slow Squeezing technology (SST™) originally developed in the region suggests a new standard of juice on the side of users and offers another standard of juice aiming to focus on health and comfortable living with quality product and services as well as extensive product knowledge, and time bound solutions for home use juicer.
Featured Price: AED 1,850 for the Silver Color stainless-steel body   
                          AED 1,699 for the Red Color Durable Plastic Body