Sunday, 6 March 2016


Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence conducted a workshop with National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) in Bahrain

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

The first coordination meeting between Dubai Carbon and Dr. Abdulhussain Bin Ali Mirza, Minister of Energy to kick off the new collaboration with UNEP took place earlier last week at the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) office in Bahrain. The project focuses on developing National Greenhouse Gas Inventories, concentrating on the oil and gas sector in Bahrain.

During this meeting the discussions were bountiful and educational, allowing the Dubai Carbon and UNEP teams to provide insights and strategic inputs on how to develop accurate greenhouse gas emission inventories. One of the main objectives of the meeting was to identify potential collaboration opportunities on knowledge products, and to organize future knowledge sharing workshops focusing on the preparation of the sector wide inventory.

The workshop organized by NOGA in collaboration with UNEP was attended by oil and gas companies at NOGA headquarters. The workshop was held to put into effect the process of developing and implementing a national greenhouse gas reporting system for Bahrain. The team shared with the attendees a general overview of the GHG Inventory process, and its principles; examples of available inventory framework; methods for stakeholder mapping and engagement; data gathering, evaluation and calculation approaches; benchmarking and emission trend analysis; and finally quality assurance and control.

Waleed Salman, Chairman – Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence stated, “The attendance of industry stakeholders at the workshops cements their support to put into effect a National Green House Reporting System. We are eager to collaborate with NOGA to compile knowledge products that will be beneficial to the entire Oil and Gas industry.”

Ivano Iannelli, Chief Executive Officer – Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence highlighted, “This meeting and workshop is a product of the efforts from UNEP and Dubai Carbon to put into effect a national reporting system for the greenhouse gas inventories. The attendance at the workshop by so many industry stakeholders illustrates the broader commitment to reducing emissions. We look forward to conducting additional workshops and working with the stakeholders to develop and implement the reporting process for regional greenhouse gas inventories”