02 June, 2023

Hedonova Emerges as a Force in Alternative Investments with Impressive Returns and Diverse Investor Base

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hedonova has emerged as a force in alternative investments, showcasing impressive returns and attracting a diverse investor base. The Alternative Investment Fund, Hedonova, maintains a diversified portfolio encompassing various alternative assets such as art, sports collectibles, and real estate. Catering to the prevailing investment landscape, Hedonova offers a select range of high-yielding and risk-adjusted alternative investments that are uncorrelated with stock markets. European and Asian investors can diversify their investment in alternative assets, including art and sports collectibles, through Hedonova's feeder funds in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore, and India.

Alexander Cavendish, CEO, Hedonova, a US based Hedge Fund


Hedonova has established itself as a significant player in the world of investment funds, primarily due to its impressive return on investment. Over the course of three years, the fund has achieved a robust annualized return of 33%. Alexander Cavendish, the CEO of Hedonova, has successfully raised over $400 million in funds from prominent investors. Coming from a lineage of financiers, Cavendish represents the renowned Cavendish family of Anglo Saxon descent, whose financial legacy dates back to the early 1900s. The Cavendish family has transitioned into a family office, managing their own capital rather than engaging in active business operations.

In contrast to Cavendish's background, Suman Bannerjee, the Chief Investment Officer of Hedonova and its Co-founder, hails from Darjeeling, a scenic town in India known for supplying a significant portion of the world's tea. Suman's investment career took off after receiving a sports scholarship that brought him to Cambridge, where he has been involved in investing for nearly three decades. Cavendish oversees the company's operations, while Bannerjee focuses on investment activities. This partnership has proven fruitful, as evidenced by positive feedback from clients.


Hedonova has garnered over $400 million in assets under management from a diverse group of investors, ranging from storied names like the sovereign wealth fund of France to everyday retail investors. Bannerjee emphasizes the importance of having a granular fund structure, advocating for a healthy mix of large and small investors rather than relying heavily on a few large investors. Hedonova's low minimum entry threshold of $5000, compared to the industry norm of $100,000 for most funds, has attracted approximately 3000 individual investors.

According to Bloomberg data, Hedonova has delivered impressive returns to its investors, with a 33% return in 2022 and 42% in the previous year. While higher returns are typically associated with higher risks, Cavendish disagrees with this notion. He believes that operating in multiple markets and specializing in niche strategies within those markets allows Hedonova to grow steadily and remain relatively small. However, the approach to generating profits, although profitable, may not be scalable at present. For instance, Hedonova's music investments involve purchasing 30-second snippets from music production houses and brokers, which are then sold to platforms like TikTok, generating ad revenue when the corresponding music reels go viral. Yet, the addressable market for such investments, as indicated by ByteDance's spending on music purchases in 2021, is not substantial.

The fund's success in raising significant capital from institutional and retail investors showcases the growing demand for alternative investments and the confidence placed in Hedonova's investment strategies. As the fund continues to navigate the ever-changing investment landscape, its collaborative approach, led by CEO Alexander Cavendish and CIO Suman Bannerjee, has proven effective in achieving strong returns and managing risk. While some challenges exist in scaling certain profit-generating strategies, Hedonova's commitment to remaining small and focusing on niche markets ensures a unique and specialized investment offering. With a track record of delivering impressive returns and a commitment to investor diversification, Hedonova is poised to continue its growth and solidify its position as a force in the alternative investment landscape.