07 November, 2022

Tadweer conducts school awareness program in Abu Dhabi in cooperation with ESE and ADEK

- The program will be held under the theme “reusing waste is artistic and fun” to raise students’ environmental awareness

- The program will run for 8 months in 31 schools, targeting around 7,623 students

07 November – Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer) is conducting a school awareness program in Abu Dhabi under the theme “reusing waste is artistic and fun”. The program, organized in cooperation with the Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) and the Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), will run from October 2022 to May 2023.

The program includes a number of comprehensive awareness campaigns and targets around 7,623 students from 31 schools in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, and Al Dhafra region. The program aims to increase the students’ level of environmental awareness and instill in them the right values and practices to preserve the environment and dispose of waste properly. It also seeks to highlight the importance of sorting waste according to different container types and shed light on the role of recycling in protecting the environment and reducing waste. 

Furthermore, the program introduces students to the challenges resulting from the improper disposal of waste, and encourages them to reuse materials through artwork.

Mohamed Saif Al Qubaisi, Media Section Head at Tadweer, said: “The program comes in line with the Center’s strategic goals and efforts to increase the community’s awareness on the importance of adopting sound and safe environmental practices to deal with all forms of waste and reduce public health pests in Abu Dhabi. The Center seeks to raise environmental awareness among future generations and encourage them to reduce and recycle waste and convert it into resources that support the national economy.”

“Tadweer is committed to cooperating with several government entities to conduct awareness campaigns and initiatives targeting all social groups and join our efforts to build a sustainable environment by preserving the natural resources in the Emirate,” he added.

As part of the campaign, the Center organized interactive panels for students to educate them on the importance of the proper handling of all types of waste, and the methods of benefiting from waste while mitigating any environmental risks.

The campaign also includes interactive competitions designed to suit students of all grades, including Q&A sessions to enhance their knowledge about preserving the environment and reducing waste production, in addition to educational workshops on topics such as reusing plastic, cardboard, paper, iron, and glass to make toys and works of art. 

In line with the program’s objectives, the Center displayed introductory and educational short videos and infographics on how to properly dispose of waste and place it in its designated places, and how to avoid and dispose of public health pests, in addition to lectures on the importance of preserving the cleanliness of the environment.

Throughout the year, Tadweer has carried out awareness campaigns in cooperation with various government entities in Abu Dhabi, to increase public awareness on adopting proper environmental practices and encouraging the community to take part in maintaining the Emirate’s public hygiene.