20 October, 2022

Egyptian citizens will be able to study Russian language and culture for free within the project: «Information and educational trajectory “Open education in Russian”».

Over the past 4 years, the number of students from Egypt in Russian universities has increased 5 times. In order for Egyptian citizens to study Russian not only in full-time, but also in a user-friendly distance format, the Agency for Professional Independent Expertise in Education launches the project «Information and Educational trajectory "Open Education in Russian"». The initiative, implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, includes a pool of free online courses on the Russian language, intercultural communication, Russian culture and art. Classes will be held during October-November 2022.

The project's objective is to organize open learning of the Russian language, intercultural communication and traditional arts and crafts for Egyptian citizens. The initiative will also promote acquaintance and immersion in Russian culture and creativity, motivate to study the Russian language and literature, improve the existing knowledge of the target audience, and will also contribute to the formation of a positive, deep and versatile image of Russia in the international arena.

In total, the initiative includes 20 courses, the topics of which are related to the Russian language, culture and Russia as a whole. An important distinguishing feature of the curriculum is the involvement of specialists of creative professions who will be able to fully demonstrate and share unique techniques and knowledge that allow them to get acquainted more effectively with various fields of arts and crafts. In addition, cooperation with leading experts is intended to form, expand and deepen the knowledge of the project participants in such areas as the art of artistic expression, business intercultural communication, the language of scientific research and other topics significant for the Russian-speaking audience.

"Russian is already among the top ten most popular languages in the world: it ranks sixth in terms of the number of people speaking it and has an official status in a number of major international and regional organizations. Nevertheless, recently the need to form a positive image of the country in the international arena, strengthen the position of the Russian language, popularize Russian identity and culture has been particularly acute. The activities of the project «Information and educational trajectory "Open Education in Russian"» are intended in such a way as to approach the solution of these tasks comprehensively: on the one hand, it is to increase interest in the Russian language among Egyptian citizens, and on the other hand, to translate the desire to study it into a practical plane and provide all the necessary tools for this”, comments Irina Chernyaeva, Director of the Agency.

Detailed information about the project and the schedule of training events is available on the website https://apnexpert.ru. You can sign up for Russian as a foreign language courses at the link: https://openedurus.getcourse.ru/registration.