13 June, 2022

Alshaya Group partners with Optimizely and Conversion.com to drive Experimentation across their online channels

Dubai, UAE; June 13, 2022: Alshaya Group, one of the world’s leading brand franchise operators; will use Optimizely’s experimentation platform to optimize their digital touchpoints and excel in providing a great customer experience. The experimentation project will be carried out in collaboration with Conversion.com, an Optimizely partner with specialist expertise in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Eric Anderson, Chief Revenue Officer, Optimizely, said: “We are delighted to partner with the leading multinational retail franchise operator Alshaya Group just within a few months of opening our office in the Middle East. Optimizely’s experimentation platform will allow Alshaya Group to constantly test and experiment, to improve the various digital touchpoints where consumers engage with them. This will further improve their UX and increase personalisation throughout the customer life cycle.”

He added: “A customer’s overall experience with a brand is crucial in their decision to make a purchase, therefore it is important to optimize every possible digital touchpoint so that each brings value to customers and guide them in their purchase journey. As more and more consumers in the region turn to online shopping, companies need to adopt a culture of experimentation to improve their digital touchpoints. This will ensure greater customer loyalty and retention.”

Optimizely, the world's leading experimentation platform, will provide Alshaya Group with the ability to conduct fast experimentation and give them a clear direction on how to deliver impactful customer experiences. Alshaya is a dynamic family-owned enterprise with a consistent record of growth and innovation. Over the past years, the company has accelerated their digital footprint doubling their e-commerce online portfolio to over 100 live experiences. Because of this expansion, the company is now focusing on leveraging AB testing and experimentation to continue innovating and increase engagement and conversion, and excel in digital experiences to delight its customers.

According to Gala Blasco Marco, Head of Conversion Revenue Optimization, Alshaya Group, “To better serve our customers across every digital touchpoint, we have decided to collaborate with Optimizely and Conversion.com powering our experimentation programme. We look to them to assist us in our needs for personalisation, segmentation, and funnel optimisation. This programme is part of our broader initiative to embrace a culture of change and innovation. We are set to expand our testing capabilities and foster innovation to always be ahead of our customer needs. We decided on the Optimizely platform as they have a world-renowned experimentation technology that is proven to be efficient and accurate. They also have a local support team in the region now, which is also a strong point in their favour.”

Alshaya will implement the Optimizely platform in its Fashion and Footwear business, Health and Beauty and Home Furniture. 

Speaking about the project, Stephen Pavlovich, Founder & Managing Director, Conversion.com said: “Alshaya Group is an important partner for us in this region because of their customer-centric approach which extends to their digital touchpoints as well. By working with Optimizely team and their experimentation platform, we will be able to assist Alshaya with customizations that will improve the customers’ shopping experience.”