19 May, 2022

ReNourish: is souping the new juicing?


ReNourish Soups


Juicing has been a popular, short-term dieting option for decades thanks to its vitamin-packed offering that provides fast results, but rumour has it that this extreme diet is being  knocked off its throne by its more nutritious, (and comforting), cousin, Souping.


According to Re:Nourish Founder, Nicci Clark, ‘Functional health is a trend that is really driving the market with consumers now realising that an ambient product is unlikely to be able to give you as good nutrition as a fresh product can. In places such as the USA, souping has become the new juicing with fresh soups there now the second biggest food category. This is growing even more now because of the fresh, healthy benefits that can be incorporated into these products as opposed to ambient soup options which are not vitamin-led while being exceptionally high in salt.’


Lower calorie soups, like juices, are not only nutrient-packed which offers a variety of incredible health benefits, but are also extremely convenient, allowing people to either embark on short-term, souping or juicing health-kicks or even using these soups in addition to their meals, as on-the-go snacks  to ensure that they are introducing maximum nutrients, vitamins and minerals into their diets.


As a former critical care nurse who has experienced life-and-death situations first-hand, Nicci also stresses the high correlation between good nutrition and maintaining a healthy, well- functioning body, something which consumers globally are switching onto as well. While the world has spent the past two years focusing on the coronavirus, Type 2 Diabetes maintains its position as a ’silent pandemic’ with those who suffer from this disease increasing their risk of having a heart attached by 40%. And, to bring those figures back home to the UAE, while 8.1% of people globally suffer with Type 2 Diabetes, the figure is closer to 15% in the UAE, meaning an increased number of heart disease cases in the region too.


Re:Nourish soups which is the world’s first microwaveable and fully recyclable soup brand, currently offer four varieties in the UAE and the award-winning soups each have a unique health function. From Nicci’s bestselling “Immunity” – Kale Spinach and Turmeric which is packed full of vitamins to “Digest” – Roasted Carrot and Ginger which is good for the gut, all the soups are also packed with natural vitamins, fibre, and protein as well as being easy for the body to digest. The soups can be eaten on-the-go, either hot or cold, or even combined with your favourite recipe as a flavourful, highly nutritious sauce.


Re:Nourish products are currently available at Waitrose and Spinneys stores across the UAE.