29 May, 2022

Nissan Patrol Super Safari 2022: Combining legacy, strength, and modernity

By Bachir Gemayel, Sales and Marketing Director, Al Masaood Automobiles

The exceptional design, impressive technologies and vibrant performance of the 2022 Nissan Patrol Super Safari are a perfect blend that works in sync to deliver a pleasurable overall driving experience to its owners. This drives the popularity of the Nissan Super Safari model further upwards, consistently winning the hearts of many car enthusiasts in the UAE who are in search of new off-roading adventures.

As a reflection of its growing popularity, Al Masaood Automobiles, the official distributor of Nissan in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region, witnessed a 30 per cent sales increase in the Patrol Super Safari during the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. A large 90 per cent of its buyers were male customers whilst 10 per cent were female as reported by the company.

The 2022 Nissan Patrol Safari continues the rich heritage of the Nissan brand in the region and showcases the Patrol’s undisputed standing in the UAE’s automotive culture. It comes as no surprise that a growing number of women drivers are gravitating towards this model, as they, like their male counterparts, invest more in and value its class-leading power.

The 2022 Nissan Patrol Safari picks up where the previous models had left off. It builds on the SUV’s immense popularity amongst car owners in the UAE and the region who are after powerful vehicle performance designed for off-roading adventures.

The Nissan Patrol Super Safari 2022 offers enhanced performance supported by a 4.8-litre in-line six-cylinder engine, which can produce 280 horsepower and 451 Nm of torque. Equipped with VTC and NICS, the Patrol Super Safari, which is available in a 5-speed automatic or manual transmission, delivers exceptional off-road performance and impressive top speed on the highway.

Equipped with many capabilities and aesthetic features, it boasts a unique exterior and interior design for a memorable driving experience. Staying true to the Nissan identity, it incorporates features that combine strength, stability, control and robust performance even on rough terrains.

The Nissan Patrol Super Safari 2022 is available across Al Masaood Automobiles showrooms in Abu Dhabi in colours black, white and gold, with a unique choice of grey or gold accents across the roof, bumpers, wheel arches and spare tyre cover. In addition, the striking `Super Safari' decal can be seen along the side of the car, complemented by a set of 17-inch diamond cut alloy wheels.

Customers mainly gravitated towards the black and twilight grey colour combination in 2021– accounting for 49 per cent of the Nissan Patrol Super Safari sales during the period. However, the radiance of the white hue proved to be a great driver of customer demand in 2022. During the first quarter of this year, the white Patrol Super Safari units constituted 52 per cent of the total sales.

As for its interior, the new model sports luxurious leather seats with a special Super Safari emboss that adds a unique touch to the model’s overall appeal. It also includes a display audio system with smartphone integration through Apple CarPlay and a wireless charger for added comfort and convenience. Its advanced technologies are amongst the highlights of the Patrol Super Safari, reflecting Nissan’s commitment to building vehicles with outstanding features that can level up the overall experience of its customers whilst on the road.

The Super Safari 2022 offers a host of Nissan safety features, including cruise control, tyre pressure monitoring system, ABS, Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system that prevents understeer when entering or exiting a corner, and dual-front SRS airbags that reflect Nissan’s attention to the smallest details of security and safety in its models.

Providing the right features and technologies to instil confidence and guarantee reliability and stability at various road conditions, the 2022 Nissan Patrol Super Safari is without a doubt a step ahead of other SUVs in its segment.