07 February, 2022

SAP, First International Company to receive Cloud Data Center Class C Certification from CITC at LEAP 2022




SAP - CITC Image - 1a


Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — 7 February 2022— Global technology company SAP last week received at LEAP 2022 Class C certification of SAP Cloud DATA Center from the n (CITC).Communications and Information Technology Commissio

As one of the largest partners and exhibitors at the inaugural LEAP event, SAP hosted a large-scale drone show during the event, featuring LEAP and the Kingdom -- the first private company in the country to do so. The global technology company, whose CEO Christian Klein delivered a keynote at LEAP, continues to invest in the Kingdom and strengthens its qualifications to work with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to store their public data and restricted data on its data center.

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