Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery because a new report by Essential Living has revealed New Delhi, Vienna and Sydney to be the best cities to explore by taxi.



As if we needed another reason to visit these eccentric cities.


Looking at 38 capital cities around the world, Essential Livings ‘Taxi Rank’ report found the best and worst cities for tourists to take taxis to see the sights, based on information from Uber. 


The study reveals how quickly you can get an Uber to come and collect you from the main tourist attractions in 38 different cities around the world.


An incredible five cities, including Vienna, Toronto, Sydney, Abuja and New Delhi, all take only 3 minutes for an Uber to turn up to the major tourist attraction in each of these cities.


Rio de Janeiro in Brazil came out bottom of the list, with taxis taking an excruciating waiting time of 43 minutes.


Here’s how cities stacked up for attraction availability:



The study also looked into rush hour price increases, and surprisingly saw several capital cities sport a decrease in taxi fares during rush hour. Washington D.C. 's taxi rides were found to be 48% cheaper whilst Aukland, New Zealand saw a 392% price surge during rush hour.