Monday, 26 October 2020

Kibsons Announce Partnership with Gulf For Good to Help Children Around the World

** Kibsons thanks everyone who has pledged a donation and helped raise AED 150,000 to build playground and football court in the town of Kisoro, Uganda **

At the heart of Kibsons is a family, who from their very humble beginnings 40 years ago have always worked towards creating a business and brand that is known for its quality, transparency, support towards the community and that truly cares. Further increasing their support to help not just in our community but globally too, Kibsons have partnered with UAE charity, Gulf For Good in April 2020 to support in their mission of helping children from around the world.    

Since the partnership started,, thanks to their generous customers, has exceeded AED 100,000 in donations, to which the brand then generously added a further AED 50,000, thus raising a phenomenal AED 150,000 in total for Gulf for Good. This has been utilized to build a playground and football court in the town of Kisoro, Uganda. The immediate area of Kisoro town has a population of approximately 16,000 people, with 60% in the district aged under 19 years old. This project has impacted approximately 8,000 children, helping them to lead a happier and healthier life. The town of Kisoro believes that the playground project couldn’t have come at a better time this summer as not only schools remain closed due to the global pandemic, the economy is also so poor right now and with so much suffering, being able to provide employment through a capital project is a huge help to the community.  

In addition, the playground project in Kisoro has been designed by a pro-bono architect in the United States, alongside an engineer in Kisoro to ensure that the project is implemented in the very best way possible. Playgrounds are not common in Kisoro and so the designers would like to make sure that this playground is designed to withstand time and be there for many years ahead for the children of Kisoro.

Jackie Baganizi, Director of Ineza Parents’ School in Kisoro says: “One of our objectives is to encourage learning through play. We believe that children are able to explore and learn a lot through play. Most of the schools in Kisoro or even in Uganda lack enough play spaces for the children. Most schools operate in rented premises which were in most cases designed for other purposes. 

Ineza school has been so lucky to have enough land where the school currently sits. This land was donated by a generous couple who previously housed the school in their home. After getting the land we were supported by Kisoro children’s foundation to put up all the buildings housing the school. The children enjoy the spacious grounds. At this point we would like to be able to put up well thought about and built play spaces appropriate for all the ages at the school. 

The playground will benefit the children in the school and those in the community during weekends and holidays. When it comes to play, the majority of children in Kisoro are left on their own to figure out what to play with and often, some end up playing with dangerous objects or in dangerous places like swimming in stagnant water. Having a playground at Ineza will enable many children to experience and get a real feel of a proper play area. It will be the best first and only built playground in Kisoro district."

Kibsons would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has pledged a donation and helped them to make this happen. 

The second phase of Kibsons’ partnership with Gulf for Good began on 15th September 2020, where they are helping to raise more funds for Enjoro School in Tanzania. They are hoping to raise enough money to build a classroom and help reduce the teacher to student ratio from 1:175 down to 1:80 students. This will also include access and facilities for children with disabilities. 

When you pledge a donation with Kibsons, this is what you are supporting. 

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