18 June, 2019

Morgan Freeman embarks on a new global quest to unlock the mysteries of spirituality and the shared transformative beliefs that bind humanity, in the new season of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

After logging nearly 75,000 miles and visiting 30 cities, the Emmy-nominated series returns with a third season from executive producers Morgan Freeman, Lori McCreary and James Younger of Revelations Entertainment.

Dubai, UAE JUNE 18 2019 –National Geographic explores the ways humanity has sought and received faith throughout our history in season three of the Emmy-nominated hit series The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, premiering on National Geographic, on June 20, 2019 at 5pm UAE. Freeman again travels to the far reaches of the globe to visit some of humanity’s most sacred sites in a quest that explores the different ways that spirituality and transformation have established a connection with the divine, and how our search for God’s presence has informed our shared history, culture, beliefs and even individual behavior.

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman takes viewers on an interfaith journey around the globe, travelling to 30 different cities of historical and anthropological importance, including Kathmandu, Jericho, Rome, Bethlehem, Paris, Prague, Hanoi, Toronto and Lourdes. The series’ filmmakers logged more than 50,000 total miles, which is the equivalent of circumnavigating the globe twice, and met with 13 religious experts and hundreds of monks. The series takes an expansive look at religions celebrated around the world, exploring practices that date back thousands of years before the Common Era, as well as new denominations founded less than 100 years ago, and interviewing believers of many faiths.

Each of the six episodes in the new season is centered around a different question about our relationship to the divine. To explore these topics and more, the series travels to some of the world’s most sacred sites.

Season 3 of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman Premieres in in the UAE on June 20, 2019 at 5:00pm

The first two seasons of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman are available to stream on video streaming service, FOX+.