16 December, 2018

LoopDev Launches Presentlee for Android

A game changer in the note taking apps

NewYork, Cairo, December 16th 2018: LoopDev, a startup app development company, has just launched Presentlee on Google’s Play Store. The application got traction as the only application of its kind on the AppStore transforming live lectures and meetings into powerful multimedia PowerPoint presentations.

Presentlee turns lectures and meetings into PowerPoint presentation by simply snapping a photo every time the lecturer changes their slides. The audio gets recorded automatically and users can also type down notes in the bottom half of the screen which will later appear in the notes section in the slides once they export the recorded session.

The Android launch coincided with the introduction of the 3rd version of the application on Apple’s App store. Various improvements were introduced to the application UX/UI since its launch such as the ability to resume previously finished presentations, and backup the entire database for safekeeping.

Baher Aboulfetouh, CTO, LoopDev, said: “The launch of the Android version is a stepping stone and a game changer in the note taking apps industry as it opens the door for more than 2.5 billion devices to make use of Presentlee’s great features.”

“We are continuously working on the application to improve our users experience. We made sure we design the application with older devices in mind to enable the vast majority of people to benefit from the app’s great features. The app works with IOS devices starting version 9 and 5 for the Android.” He added.

Presentlee is intended for those who attend conferences, meetings, classrooms and struggle with taking notes. They will now effectively listen, analyze, understand and take notes within the app while Presentlee does the hard work of recording, arranging and exporting the final presentation for them. Once exported the presentation can be reviewed later for the specific sections that were missed or were hard during class.

Presentlee comes free to try for one month afterwards users get 4 free PPTX presentation exports each month and are free to choose any of the various subscription models available from within the store section in the app.