Thursday, 15 November 2018

Design International’s MAPIC spotlight: Physical in the age of digital

Design International, one of the world’s most prolific architects with a vast experience tailoring unique designs on a global scale to enhance the experience of the public believe that every design has its own individual story; bespoke spaces are created to trigger a unique experience for entire communities, residents and guests alike.

As an early creator of transformative retail architecture, Design International is at MAPIC exhibiting at booth P-1, N.2, to showcase the journey from retail to hospitality in the digital era and the importance of technology as both common denominator and driver of change in consumer behaviour.

The success of DI lies in the ability to shape a story that transforms the physical experience. For example, they were instrumental in the design of the first food courts in North America and Europe, some of which have been so successful that they continue to operate to this day.

Design International joins a new initiative this year, Space Vision, a collaborative group formed of Design International, Acqua Group, Dedem, and Spazio Futuro, who will join forces to create innovative and contemporary products of a high technical quality.

Recent research reports that show that online shopping continue to increase, however despite this trend retail stores still account for most of the sales. The challenge for the retailer is to understand how to attract the new digital customer to his store and present a place where the customer can experience a product as well as make a purchase.

At MAPIC, Design International will present a selection of their recent exemplary projects. These will include Ferrari Centro Stile, a recently opened project directed by the Ferrari Design team led by Arch. Flavio Manzoni and design in cooperation with Design International London studio, led by Arch Davide Padoa and with Planning engineering studio, Reem Towers in Dubai, with a promenade dedicated to dining and an innovative façade digital system; Izmir, the striking mixed-use centre that is a key landmark; and Linkong Mall in Shanghai with its minimalist and modern design which will provide a green and fresh haven for people to appreciate and encounter.