Thursday, 10 May 2018

Hyundai to Share Memories of a Timeless Ramadan during Holy Month

Special Ramadan short films look at family Ramadan traditions that remain constant over time

Three stories show some of the special moments that are shared across generations

This is the third year Hyundai has produced short films for the Holy Month

May 10, 2018 – Hyundai is taking people on a journey through a ‘Timeless Ramadan’ this Holy Month, in a series of short films being shared in the Middle East and North Africa. The three films offer a sentimental view of some of the unchanging Ramadan traditions that pass down through families, creating everlasting memories that resonate across the years.

The stories catch simple moments during Ramadan, and particularly those times that encompass a spirit of sharing and giving. Each film between the present day and the times of the past to show how these eternal memories remaining constant through the years. As the films bring Timeless Ramadan to life, we see that traditions passed to us from our grandparents and parents, we in turn pass to our children, forming a special and unique thread between generations.

“Ramadan is a special time for families in the Arab world, and with our Ramadan series for this year we want to show that, while many things in life will change, there are some special things that remain constant,” said Mike Song, Hyundai’s Head of Operations for Africa and the Middle East. “It is this Timeless Ramadan that brings families together, and which crosses between generations to create moments that everyone, young and old, can share.”

This is the third year Hyundai in the Middle East has produced a short film series for Ramadan. In 2016, a series titled ‘Al Barakah’ followed the theme of Ramadan Blessings. In 2017, ‘Ramadan Everywhere’ visited various Arab countries to look at local Ramadan traditions.

The first story in ‘Timeless Ramadan’ is now online, with the second to be shared from 1st Ramadan, and the final story for Eid Al-Fitr.