Thursday, 8 March 2018

Infuse colour in your work-wear to flaunt your style

WHYTE BESPOKE introduces a stunning range of stylish custom work-wear suits combining bold and subtle colours

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 8 March 2018: In an attempt to offer work professionals a break from the monotonous work-wear styles, WHYTE BESPOKE has introduced a stunning range of stylish custom work-wear suits, which are not too business, but also not too casual. Combining bold and subtle colours that compliment your complexion and structure, the new collection of suits from WHYTE BESPOKE eliminates the struggle of having to piece together a decent outfit for work in the morning.

“Dressing for a corporate work environment has always called for formal attire. While most men and women opt for a full suit every day, wearing the same colours all the time can quickly become repetitive. However, over the last few years we have experienced a big movement in the workplace, where traditions and protocols have fallen enormously. As such, the new range of suits from WHYTE BESPOKE is custom-made to offer personal styling to each wearer. The use of bold and subtle colours will not only help the work professionals showcase their personality, but also make them feel more energised and in control,” said Mohammed Murthuza Ali Khan, Founder and Owner of WHYTE BESPOKE.

Strategically located on Al Wasl Road, WHYTE BESPOKE offers custom-built suits for its customer. It is the only brand currently selling real bespoke (95 per cent hand-stitched) designer wear in the UAE. Offering customised clothing for royal bureaucrats, business leaders including sports and Hollywood celebrities, WHYTE BESPOKE quietly offers not only good value, but also outstanding quality and service to its clients. The bespoke fashion boutique specialises in creation of suits of exceptional quality, formal wear, trousers, jackets and all the modern, traditional as well as classic wear.

Offering colours as Cobalt blue, Aged copper, Olive drab, drab grey, Light mustard, Midnight blue and Super black, the custom-built suits will enable the work professionals to create a powerful positive effect on their colleagues, supervisors and clients. Research has shown that colours can greatly affect moods and the way other people respond. Amazingly, colours can even change the heart rate, blood pressure and respiration.

“Colour has a powerful effect on our personalities. It has transformational properties that can be calming, stimulating or balancing – something that may be particularly beneficial if you’re looking to make a mark at your workplace. While WHYTE BESPOKE has always offered the best to its clients, these colourful custom creations will have individuals strengthen the bonds between co-workers and infuse the workplace with positive energy,” added Mohammed Murthuza Ali Khan.

Eliminating, the standard colours as black, blue and grey, which can be worn over the first four working days, WHYTE BESPOKE recommends wearing colourful suits on the last day of the working week to have a big impact on how others quickly perceive you.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and perhaps this resonates most in the workplace, where bosses must exude authority but also friendliness and the rest of us want to look professional, but stand out. So it’s essential that you wear a colour that helps you make a statement,” concluded Mohammed Murthuza Ali Khan.