Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Egypt is the only market in 45 markets tested with highest positive attitude towards online advertising

63% of Egyptian consumers are positively receptive towards online advertising vs. 34% globally, says Kantar Millward Brown

Cairo, 27 February 2018 - Kantar Millward Brown recently released a new AdReaction study that examines the global state of multichannel advertising campaigns. The study used quantitative research methodology across 45 countries including Egypt to provide marketers with a global and country-by-country analysis of how consumers and marketers view campaigns. They study concluded that more than half of marketers miss out on boosting brand effectiveness by 57% due to shortfalls in multimedia campaigns integration.

AdReaction found that while the benefits of well integrated and customized ad campaigns are substantial, boosting campaign effectiveness by 57%, this represented fewer than half (46%) of all campaigns tested. What’s more, the study revealed that marketers and consumers have different views on whether campaigns successfully fit together. Most marketers (89%) surveyed believe their campaign strategies are integrated; but just two third (67%) of Egyptian consumers agree.

When comparing the impact of multimedia campaigns, 25% of Egyptian consumers are more positive about their influence to make them buy the brand vs. 16% globally. Similarly 37% of Egyptian consumers believe in the role of multimedia campaigns in Differentiating brands, compared to 26% globally.

Overall, more than 78% of the Egyptian consumers agree that online targeting is reliable vs. 45% globally. The study also found that Egypt is the only market out of 45 tested markets where online ads have the highest positive attitude and receptivity, even more than global and Middle East average.

“Being a young population where two thirds are under 30 years old, rapid internet growth and heavy usage of social media platforms are possibly the whys and wherefores” said Ahmed Kaboh, Director in Egypt.

Duncan Southgate, Global Brand Director, Media and Digital, Kantar Millward Brown added: “Consumers feel overwhelmed by advertising from all angles while marketers struggle to make the most of ad formats and channels to best reach consumers, and the latest AdReaction report unveils a disconnect between how marketers and consumers perceive campaign success,”

“In AdReaction, we’ve laid out guiding principles to help marketers better integrate campaigns across channels and identified the key creative elements of successful campaigns as best practices”, Southgate added.

In its recommendation to marketers, the study identifies several guiding principles for brands to consider when implementing multichannel campaigns that build successful brands and avoid the pitfalls of fragmentation.

Its first recommendation for campaigns is to integrate more cues. Integrated campaigns are 31% more effective at building brands. Slogans and logos are essential; but not sufficient. The study shows that consistent characters or personalities are the individual cues which most help brand impact, often differentiating the best campaigns.

Secondly, the study emphasizes the importance of a strong campaign idea. Campaigns with a strong central idea perform better across all brand KPIs (+64%), especially brand image associations (+91%), as well as across all channels.

Thirdly, making each ad in an integrated campaign amazing, where every piece of content matters and contributes to overall success and brand building.

Fourthly, marketers need to prioritize they spent in the channels that have a clear role in the campaign and in reaching the target audience.

Finally the study recommends content customization for each channel. A strong integrated campaign must be flexible enough to enable novel, complementary content, but familiar enough to link the key campaign elements tightly together.