Monday, 9 October 2017

At GITEX Epson demonstrates the importance of choosing business inkjet printers over laser printing technology

Dubai, UAE; October 09, 2017 – At GITEX Technology Week 2017, Epson Middle East is aiming to create greater awareness among regional businesses about the benefits of switching from laser to business inkjet printers by highlighting to visitors its vast range of environment friendly, cost saving, energy efficient Inkjet printers.

According to Jason Whiley, director of sales, Epson Middle East: “Our global research confirms that businesses are still reliant on printing for realising a more productive and efficient workforce, therefore it’s crucial for companies to consider the implications the right purchasing decisions will have on their company. The benefits of inkjet technology are the ones we are striving to share with our customers: cost reduction, increased productivity, lower environmental impact.”

Choosing energy efficient printers and Multifunction printers (MFP) is a key area where businesses can reduce costs and improve their sustainability credentials. In addition to reduced running costs, inkjet printing comes the added benefit of lowering, giving businesses added appeal to investors, customers and the supply chain.

Whiley adds: “By failing to implement sustainable print measures, businesses are missing out on opportunities to lower consumables costs, reduce energy usage and boost productivity.”

The latest business inkjet technology has evolved from advanced industrial inkjet technology, scaled to support workgroup printers. As such it has reached points of affordability, speed, quality and consumable life that makes it an increasingly attractive proposition for small and large businesses alike. This is boosting momentum in the market, with IDC estimating that the business inkjet market will grow by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.2% over the period 2015 to 2020.

Independent tests carried out by Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), compared Epson’s Business Inkjet solutions (WorkForce Pro (WFP) and WorkForce Pro Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS)) to competitive laser printers and copiers, and demonstrated how far inkjet technology has come, putting the following six common misconceptions to rest:

  1. MYTH: “Inkjet technology is more expensive than laser”
FACT: With inkjet technology, customers get up to four and a half times more prints with two cartridges per colour compared to laser printers
    • Up to twice as many prints with WFP models than competitive colour lasers
    • Up to four and a half times more prints with WFP Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS) models than colour lasers and copiers

  1. MYTH: “Laser printers are more productive than inkjet technology”
FACT: Inkjets are up to three and a half times faster than lasers for first page out and could cut time spent on interventions by up to two-thirds
  • WFP models are up to three and a half times faster than lasers and colour copiers for first page out
  • WFP models are up to one and a half times faster than colour lasers and copiers  for typical business print jobs of a few pages
  • WFP models could cut time spent on interventions by up to two-thirds compared to lasers
  • WFP RIPS models can cut time spent on user interventions by up to 100% compared to colour lasers and laser copiers on a run of 40,000 prints

  1. MYTH: “Laser printers offer ‘better quality printing’ than inkjet technology”
FACT: Inkjet technology delivers professional output quality by precisely controlling the ink droplet shape and volume
  • Inkjet printers with PrecisionCore have up to triple the nozzle density of conventional piezo printheads with native output at either 600 or 720 dpi per print chip

  1. MYTH: “Inkjet technology is noisy”
FACT: Inkjet printers are up to 18% quieter than lasers
  • WFP models are up to 18% (29.42 dBA) quieter than lasers and laser copiers

  1. MYTH: “Inkjet technology is less reliable than laser technology”
FACT: Inkjet printers require less frequent intervention than laser printers, making them more reliable
  • WFP models are ‘Reliability Certified’ by BLI, with up to 75,000 impressions without a misfeed and no service calls

  1. MYTH: “Inkjet technology is not eco-friendly”
FACT: Inkjet technology can cut most waste associated with printing and uses up to 82% less energy than lasers
  • WFP models produce up to 95% (or 77 kilograms) less waste than lasers and laser copiers when printing up to 80,000 pages
  • WFP models use up to 82% less energy than lasers and laser copiers