Thursday, 18 May 2017

Be Unconfined

Unbox yourself from the routine and experience the true essence of life
In today’s society, millennials known to break boundaries for self-exploration, defy challenges and change the meaning of individualism in today’s society[1]. This is a generation in search of novel explorations to discover new horizons. While being unconfined may sound like old words of wisdom, this is far from the truth. Nowadays, technology plays an integral part in enabling the younger generations to achieve their dreams and fulfil their passion.
Ask yourself what is holding you back to live the life you have always dreamt of? Instead of looking at life as a repetitive routine, make it an imperative to find the big adventure. Discover new places, meet new people, hear their stories, and immerse yourself in new cultures and traditions.
The youth of today are empowered to be unconfined by embracing their roots and balancing them with their minds and voices, owning their persona and story. Such an empowerment is evident in fashion, for example. They are combining their culture and heritage, expressing who they are while incorporating tradition and modernity to define their own personal style.
Another example is the artistic ways of self-expression that can bring out the creative elements of the youth. One that allows for a complete blank canvas to portray to others how they see the world. Confinement does not allow the true self to be shown to the world, therefore changing the norms and conveying emotions and beliefs through art – be it photography, music, acting or painting – is a true form of embracing oneself .Aspiring to be the best in whatever you set your heart on is an expression of being unconfined and one that will allow you to achieve your dreams.
This is a belief that Samsung holds dear to its core, that is the notion of empowerment to open one’s mind to the unknown experiences and living the dream to be unconfined. Samsung has this engrained within its DNA to accelerate discoveries and empower the youth. Samsung Galaxy S8 defines the meaning of being unconfined. An innovation that unboxes the concept of smartphones, which will inspire you to unbox your life to stay true to who you really are!