Monday, 27 February 2017

Arab French Dairy uses Gulfood 2017 to ramp up exports to GCC and beyond

AFDPL will be participating in Gulfood 2017 in Dubai to launch ‘Cheeze to Squeeze’ – a cream cheese snack in a new innovative on-the-go pack.
Dubai- Cairo – 25 February 2017: Arab French Company for Dairy and Cheese Products (AFDPL), a leading Egyptian dairy products manufacturer specializing in premium cheese products and a subsidiary of SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy, announced that it will participate in the Gulfood exhibition (, held from 26 February to 2 March 2017, in Dubai.
The new launch is a new addition to the popular Milkana brand, creating a new category of cheese snacks. AFDPL will be using the exhibition to ramp up exports to the GCC and beyond. The new product, aptly called ‘Cheeze to Squeeze’, is available via Milkana distribution partners across the Middle East and North Africa.
“We are proud to introduce our new Cheeze to Squeeze product line to distributors and partners at Gulfood 2017, which opens up a whole new snacking offer,” said Ahmed Refaat, Marketing Director at Arab French Company for Dairy and Cheese Products (AFDPL). “Our core cheese brand, Milkana, is popular throughout the region and the new convenient, single serve portion Cheeze to Squeeze product, opens up a wide range of new consumer and trade opportunities for our distributors.”
The French group SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy, the European leader in cheese and dairy product, invested in the development of the new ‘Cheeze to Squeeze’ product. The new stick for Milkana’s cheese, makes it more convenient for consumers who want to enjoy a healthy snack either at home or on the go.
The new Milkana ‘Cheeze to Squeeze’ single-serve format is also a cheese product ideal for convenience stores, hotels, and restaurants (HORECA) sector.
Arab French Dairy has been a regular participant at Gulfood to support its presence in the GCC: a dairy market that is growing at a rate of 8 percent per annum (according to Research & Markets). The company exports its products across the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia and continues to enter new dairy markets as the distribution channels develop and barriers to dairy distribution continue to come down.
“Despite economic turmoil, we’ve seen strong growth in demand for our Milkana brand and Gullfood provides us with an ideal venue to meet our growing network of distribution partners from across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia,” said Medhat Azer, General Manager of Arab French Company for Dairy and Cheese Products (AFDPL). “In addition to solid growth, we have also seen an increased interest in our dairy products from foreign distributors after free floating Egyptian pound exchange rates, helping to make our pricing more competitive in export markets. For this reason, we’re planning to meet potential new distribution partners from several new markets at the exhibition.”
AFDPL recently developed a new recipe for its cheese and re-launched the Milkana brand in 2015, with addition of new products targeting retail and foodservice. Milkana’s strong brand, premium quality, and tasty healthy range of cheese products have allowed it to grow exports and compete effectively against other premium brands.

The world’s largest annual food event with more than 5000 local, regional and international suppliers from 5 continents, Gulfood serves one of the world’s fastest growing sectors.