Thursday, 26 January 2017


United Arab Emirates:January 2017- For its first appearance at Arab Health, VIMS is bringing a breakthrough technology. From January 30 to February 2, 2017, the French leader in laparoscopy will be exhibiting an endoscopy column aimed at simplifying the preoperative phase. It is designed to consist of the smallest possible number of devices: a one-piece videoscope and a single-use sterile sheath. This level of rationalization confirms the expertise of video surgery equipment supplier VIMS, which has been at the leading edge of medical imaging technology for nearly 25 years.

The market for minimally invasive surgery is expanding fast, boosted in particular by rising life expectancy. Thanks to R&D efforts, outpatient surgery is on the increase, to the great satisfaction of public and private institutions that have to keep more and more their costs under control. Furthermore, surgeons need efficient and easy-to-use equipment to reduce the time required to prepare for operations. VIMS, which develops and markets integrated 4K visualization solutions for minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopy and arthroscopy), has designed the system to make surgeons’ live easier:

- A single ‘on’ switch; all adjustments are automated.
- A 4K visualization system with a perfect image that creates a 3D depth effect, enabling surgeons to do their job comfortably without the need to wear glasses.
- The VIMS hardware is equipped with a broadcast system so that surgeons can film their work unaided, be seen and heard and communicate with other surgeons in real time (users of competitor systems need a camera crew consisting of a camera operator and a sound recordist to obtain the same results but without live broadcast capability).
- The new OpenVcam range takes broadcasting further to help with the learning process for interns.
- The system uses single-use active sterile sheaths (protected by a worldwide patent) to cover the endoscope.

EndoVIMS® and ArthroVIMS® are the only ultra-HD 4K video endoscopes in existence dedicated to laparoscopy and arthroscopy procedures. The two systems offer integrated solutions including the following:
  • digital processor
  • digital video recording and photo capture capability
  • 27” and 32” ultra-HD screens  
  • ultra-HD camera (2160p 4K)
  • Key characteristics of VIMS cameras:
- Image definition two to four times higher to that offered by the competition
- At 60 images per second, VIMS camera is twice as effective as a traditional camera.

EndoVcover® is the only single-use active protection on the market which is intended to surgical surgery and is equipped with technology that increases light penetration so as to give very high-quality video across small diameters.
Active sheath technology is patented in all key countries.

Company chairman Henri Fernandez says, “VIMS is very happy to be attending the Arab Health Congress for the first time. I hope our avant-garde products, which represent a technological breakthrough, will be of interest to visitors, and that we will be able to discuss our vision of surgery both today and in the future.”

From January 30 to February 2, 2017, VIMS will be exhibiting in the France Pavilion at Arab Health – MEDLAB Dubai (Hall Zabeel 2, Stand E32).