Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Unigulf Air Conditioning Industries to Showcase EASY Pre Insulated Duct Systems at 2017 AHR Expo

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 23, 2017:  UNIGULF INDUSTRIES, one of the leading players in the HVAC Pre Insulated Duct (PID) Systems in the Gulf region will focus on the company’s EASY Pre Insulated Ducting system at the 2017 AHR Expo, Las Vegas Convention Center from January 30 to February 1 at the Central Hall, Booth C5150.   
Developed for ease of fabrication and installation, EASY Pre-Insulated panels are a composite of aluminum foil and PUR / PIR, are lighter than the traditional metallic ducts. By virtue of being HCFCs free, the ducts are extensively used for residential and commercial HVAC applications. Simultaneously, they comply with UL, BS & EN standards and are certified by world renowned testing laboratories.
“As a long term player in the HVAC industry in the Gulf, our transition into manufacturing was a natural progression. Having set up our panel manufacturing and duct fabrication facility in the United Arab Emirates, we aim to make this globally available. Our participation at 2017 AHR Expo gives us the perfect opportunity to showcase our latest EASY Pre-insulated Ducting System and we are confident that the targeted visitors to the expo will provide us the required momentum to reach out to international markets,” said, Prakash Chablani, MD, Unigulf Industries of Unigulf Group.
As a distributor for LEAD’AIR in the region, Unigulf will also be showcasing Europe’s leading manufacturer of flexible duct connectors, self-adhesives hangers, damper quadrants, Splitter damper hardware, access doors, air valves, flanges, corners, regulators, pin spotters, pins and various other sheet metal accessories.
Manufactured in a state-of the art facility in the United Arab Emirates, EASY Pre Insulated Ducts are a composite of aluminum foil and PUR / PIR and hence are lighter than the traditional metallic ducts. This ensures improved load bearing properties and has an impact on weight reduction of buildings and structures.
  • The aluminium surface ensures no release of particles and prevents bacterial growth and fungi thereby ensuring hygiene and air quality
  • Invisible flanging system ensures low levels of air leaks when compared with conventional ducting systems. Elimination of longitudinal leaks and reduction of ones at transversal junctions. High thermal insulation with closed cell structure and superior thermal conductivity,  ƛ 0.021 W/(m°C)
  • The self-extinguishing properties, low fire participation and no flaming droplets makes it a powerfully fire resistant
  • Easy to transport, it allows fabrication and repairs onsite or at the workshop
  • Lightness facilitates easy installation and lowered weight of structure while also being cost effective with lower labor time and material
  • CFC-free production raises the level of environment friendly construction and eligible for green building concept
  • Low thermal values and reduced air leakage has a positive impact on energy saving and operational costs
The panels are produced within the Density range of 45 to 48 Kgs/ meter cube with +/- 3 Kgs tolerance, thermal conductivity being ƛ 0.021 W/(m°C). These panels can be used for applications ranging from -30 to +65 deg.
Easy+ Panels are manufactured with alternative new generation blowing agents that eliminates the use of CFC, HCFC & HFC which are responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer. Not using these fluoro carbons in the process of manufacturing ensures an ODP and VOC level reduced to zero and thereby reducing the GWP to an insignificant value.