Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Implement Positive Changes with Employees Through a Corporate Wellness Focused Stay at Canyon Ranch® Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya

DUBAI, UAE – January 30, 2017 – The Canyon Ranch® brand is renowned for promoting, facilitating and embedding positive changes that last a lifetime in its guests, whether for life-long health enthusiasts or those setting off on a new, health-focused path. Individuals aren’t the only ones who can benefit, however. For businesses and groups wishing to start 2017 on the right foot, implementing positive changes and helping employees achieve the all-important healthy work-life balance, Canyon Ranch® Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya features all of the programmes, amenities and spaces needed for corporate and MICE-related getaways.
Amid luxury and stunning scenery where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, the vast array of activities and facilities at Canyon Ranch® Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya make it an ideal location for corporate and MICE groups. Ample meeting and event space is found in five rooms, ranging from 27 sqm to 113 sqm in size; the Tucson meeting room is dynamic with the ability to be divided into two separate spaces if necessary. A destination well beyond the typical, a business retreat here can help empower employees to achieve optimal wellness while enjoying an experience in an unforgettable setting.
A balanced, healthy lifestyle is essential for corporate productivity and job satisfaction. For this reason, Canyon Ranch® Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya offers a Corporate Wellness Focused Stay designed to combine personalised, preventive medical expertise with the wisdom of integrative care for mind, body and spirit. Employees can enjoy the relaxed resort environment while becoming active participants in their own well-being. The goal: enhanced performance at work and play. Teams will collaborate with professionals to learn the optimal next steps for exercise, nutrition and restorative sleep. For employers, this could lead to stronger leadership, less absenteeism, reduced healthcare costs and lower staff turnover.
Corporate Wellness Focused Stay options:
  • 4-day minimum stay allows guests to experience the programme’s core components
  • 7-day stay or longer is helpful for creating a deeper experience through the fine-tuning of individual plans
  • Package price: From 7,400 TL/€1,825 (incl. of VAT, but excl. of resort stay)
Group Activities:
  • Daily group activities include: hiking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, meditation, cycling, water sports and new experiences such as Introduction to Basketball and Introduction to Wallyball. You’ll also hear engaging presentations from top experts on a variety of wellness topics, which may include Smoking Cessation, Heart Health, or the Science of Cravings, to name a few.
Included Consultations:
  • Programme Overview & Intake with Nurse: Prior to arrival, you’ll receive a phone call to discuss your medical history and welcome you to the programme. The nurse will review options for activities and spa treatments during your stay.
  • Initial Physician Consultation: After reviewing your medical history and performing an exam, a physician will discuss options for specialised testing to understand your current health and to set goals. Please bring medical records, especially those from the past year. (50 minutes)
  • Exercise Physiology Consultation & Metabolic Exercise Assessment: This two-part assessment evaluates aerobic fitness levels to create a customised exercise programme
    • o    Part I – Submaximal exercise test on your choice of cardiovascular exercise equipment (50 minutes)
    • o    Part II – Exercise programme designed for maximum results. (50 minutes)
  • Nutritionist Consultation: A two-part consultation provides personalised nutrition strategies for achieving and sustaining your best health.
    • o    Part I – Nutritionist assessment (50 minutes)
    • o    Part II – Personalized recommendations (50 minutes)
  • Life Management Consultation: A psychologist and/or physician works with you to explore health goals while setting a realistic plan for success. (50 minutes)
  • Wrap-Up Session: Meet with a doctor to discuss next steps to achieve optimal health and weight. (25 minutes)
  • Follow-up Phone Consultation: Upon returning home, a follow-up consultation will take place with a practitioner from your stay. (25 minutes)
Included Screenings:
  • Pulmonary Function Test: Measures lung capacity and flow to assess baseline functioning. (25 minutes)
  • Resting ECG: Records the electrical activity of the heart to detect negative histories and conditions while assessing heart rate and rhythm. (15 minutes)
  • Body Composition Analysis: BOD-POD®, the wellness industry standard, determines optimal body composition and aids in formulating an effective exercise programme. Afterwards, an exercise physiologist will review and explain results. (25 minutes)
Beyond the programme, guests will have access to the resort’s state-of-the-art and luxurious facilities, such as the Spa’s Aquavana® hydrothermal suite which includes a salt grotto and crystal steam room, and pampering spa services such as Canyon Ranch Signature Experiences that encourage euphoria, indulge the senses, and induce deep relaxation. The healthy yet luxurious experience extends to the cuisine, which focuses on seasonal, fresh ingredients and local catches prepared by a dedicated culinary team and nutritionists to dish up flavourful, Mediterranean-inspired fare that provides a healthy balance. Taking advantage of its location on the Turkish Riviera, three breathtaking beaches are the ideal spot for both exercise and leisure, offering a mix of water sports and sun lounging.
Rates for the stylish, Mediterranean-inspired guest rooms at Canyon Ranch® Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya start from €335 + 8% VAT (bed and breakfast based on double occupancy); and €555 + 8% VAT (full board based on double occupancy) per night. To book a holiday at Canyon Ranch® Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya, visit www.canyonranch.com/kaplankaya or call +90 252 511 00 51.
About Canyon Ranch Medicine: Since Canyon Ranch® opened its doors in 1979, it has embraced an integrative approach to wellness, bringing together professionals in various disciplines to help guests achieve their goals, create a greater life balance and feel the very best. Canyon Ranch medicine is a new paradigm of health care, best described as personalized, integrative medicine. The physicians are here to care of you, take the time to fully understand your current state of health, and help you live a longer, fuller life by understanding your personal needs and desires by combining the best of Western medicine with alternative therapies from around the world.
*Additional screenings (at an additional cost) may be recommended during your initial consultation to establish baseline health status. Laboratory tests, if recommended, are not included. Fees provided upon request.