Sunday, 25 December 2016

Tilgin software behind HKBN’s “3-in-1 Connected Home Solution”

Stockholm, Sweden, December 23, 2016: Tilgin, a leading provider of gateway software for broadband access is proud to announce that its new gateway software, Open HGA, has been chosen by HKBN Group. The software will enable easy integration of service applications for the Group’s “3-in-1 Connected Home Solution”.

HKBN Group (“HKBN”) is Hong Kong’s largest provider of residential high speed fiber broadband services and a fast growing enterprise solutions provider. The Group already offers a full range of telecommunications solutions for both the residential and enterprise markets and is now launching a “3-in-1 Connected Home Solution” that puts internet connectivity (LAN and Wi-Fi), voice communication and a smart home management system into one single Home Gateway. The smart home management system offers connectivity and control of various smart home utilities such as light bulbs, motion sensors and switches. The control of the smart home is available from home or from anywhere.
“We are proud to be at the forefront of the IoT era. We envisage a much wider range of gadgets and applications to be rolled out in the future, which will undoubtedly bring greater convenience and comfort to our lives,” says Gary McLaren, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Owner of HKBN.
At HKBN, Open HGA is used to enable the smart home management solution. The new software platform runs on VTech’s home gateways and has the capability to integrate all kind of new services in addition to the native feature set always included in Tilgin’s traditional HGA software. The software offers ULETM as one of the technologies for smart home management solutions that runs with Open HGA.
Tilgin new software, Open HGA offers extensive tools to monitor not only the operator network from a gateway perspective, but also the subscriber home environment, transforming the home gateway into a smart home hub and opening the doors to IoT into the home.
“We are taking the next step with Open HGA. Our Gateway Software, HGA, has been used for years in Tilgin Solutions’ gateway products with great success. The software has continuously been adapted to the constantly shifting gateway product specifications and the various network setups of Operators. Tilgin is now taking the next step and the services that are offered to HKBN subscribers are initial examples of all the future capabilities Open HGA can offer” says Tilgin’s CEO, Jonny Wetterborn.
The “3-in-1 Connected Home Solution” has recently won a gold prize in the category of telecommunications products at the Electronic Industries Award (EIA) 2016 in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Broadband expect to roll out the brand-new solution to its selected customers in winter 2016, and to the wider mass market in 2017.