Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Strawberry Benefits for skin and health by

Strawberries is most famous berry fruits in the world. Strawberries are bright red in color, have a juicy texture, a characteristic aroma, and a sweet flavor. They are rich in vitamin C and manganese.

Health benefits 

1.  Aids Weight loss
2. Boost Memory
3. Relieves Inflammation
4. Helps to cure Cardiovascular disease
5. Promotes Nail growth
6. Strengthen bones 
7. Improves Eyesight
8. Boost Immunity
9. Help to Fight Cancer
10. Fights Bad Cholesterol
11.  Regulates Blood Pressure
12.  Treatment of Gout

Skin benefits 
1. Prevents wrinkles
2. Slows down aging
3. Improve Complexion
4. Protect the skin from Sun damage
5. Treat Puffy eyes
6. Moisturize dry skin
7. Prevent Acne and Pimple
8. Act as a foot scrub-
9. Massage oil
10. Prevent Skin Irritation
11. Acts as Skin Exfoliator
12. Lighten dark lips