Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Vice President of Uruguay Visits The Sustainable City in Dubai

High profile delegation visits and explores the first Net Zero Energy development in the Middle East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 29 November 2016: The Sustainable City - Middle East’s first operational and awarded sustainable development located in Dubai – recently welcomed high profile delegations to explore the first Net Zero Energy development’s latest progress.
The delegation comprised of the Vice President of Uruguay H.E. Raul Sendic and Dr. Nelson Jamil Sha'aban, Ambassador of Uruguay to the UAE and other representatives from the Uruguay Embassy in UAE.
As part of the visit, Diamond Developers - the real-estate company behind The Sustainable City - organised a tour of the community for the delegation, led by Mr Faris Saeed CEO at Diamond Developers and Mr. Wassim Adlouni Executive Director at Diamond Developers.  The tour showcased the various innovative facilities of the city that included the green farm, the mixed used area and the residential clusters - which are being constructed in line with the three main pillars of sustainability; social, environmental and economic.
The Vice President of Uruguay praised the progress of The Sustainable City, where he stated: “The Sustainable City”, showing the right way to combine development, respect to the environment and welfare. “On behalf my country I would like to express my admiration and gratitude for your invitation and for this opportunity to visit this delightful place”.
Commenting on the occasion, Saeed said: “We were honoured and delighted to welcome H.E. Raul Sendic to The Sustainable City. The visit energized the discussion on how to mitigate climate change and reduce our carbon footprint in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay and the UAE.”
“Uruguay is a clear-cut example of real commitment to reduce carbon footprint by providing more than 95% of its electricity from clean sources. We are proud to be able to demonstrate the ability to take action towards negating the effects of climate change.” He added.

The Sustainable City was a logical destination for the Uruguayan delegation as sustainability ranks high on the agenda of their government and business community. Sustainable farming, forestry, green schooling, and renewable energy are priority sectors for the people of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. These priorities resonate very well in The Sustainable City and its goals to become the first net zero energy development, while enhancing the micro-climate and producing their own food.