Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Industry Leading Technology Partners Adopt Fortinet’s Open Security Fabric

Fortinet Delivers on Commitment to Open Ecosystem and Expands Actionable Threat Intelligence Across Multi-Vendor Solutions

Dubai, UAE, October 18, 2016Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), the global leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today delivers on the Open attribute of the Fortinet Security Fabric through its new Fabric-Ready Partner Program and integration of FortiSIEM, providing threat intelligence visibility across multi-vendor cybersecurity solutions.

“It’s clear that isolated security devices don’t solve today’s cybersecurity challenges, companies need something different. They want integrated security, from IoT to the cloud, with actionable analytics across their multi-vendor networking and security solutions, all delivered through a single pane of glass view,” said John Maddison, senior vice president products and solutions, Fortinet. “Fortinet’s Security Fabric has delivered on this technology vision with a complete rethinking of security for customers to implement more strategic approaches, such as internal segmentation or automated universal policy to stay ahead of the threat landscape. By opening the Security Fabric to our partner ecosystem we accelerate our customers’ transition to integrated security strategies to address the full spectrum of challenges across the attack lifecycle.”

·         The Fabric-Ready Partner Program builds on Fortinet’s robust ecosystem of technology alliances by opening the functionality of the Fortinet Security Fabric to complementary solutions. Partners in this program have validated technology integration with the Security Fabric, have committed to sharing roadmaps for consistent interoperability, and will benefit from joint go-to-market initiatives.
·         Further extending the Security Fabric to multi-vendor environments, FortiSIEM, Fortinet’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution delivers a single pane of glass Security and Network Operations Center to provide complete visibility and actionable intelligence across the entire infrastructure.
·         Extending the functionality and intelligence of the Fortinet Security Fabric with an open and cooperative ecosystem of partner and vendor solutions, helps customers avoid the rip and replace of existing infrastructure and consolidate, simplify and integrate their security posture.
·         The open Security Fabric behaves as a single entity, offering the performance, visibility and automation required for intelligent end-to-end segmentation, from IoT to the cloud, and across physical and virtual environments.

Fortinet Extends Open, Integrated Ecosystem of Security Solutions
The Fortinet Fabric-Ready Partner Program demonstrates Fortinet’s commitment to an open, integrated Security Fabric, allowing enterprises the flexibility to deploy Fortinet solutions alongside their existing or new security technologies for truly integrated protection. The program brings together leading network security solutions to deliver pre-integrated, end-to-end offerings ready for deployment, reducing technical support burden and costs for enterprise customers.
Most organizations have deployed security devices from multiple vendors inside their networks. A Security Fabric lets customers maximize these existing investments with integration that goes beyond simply allowing third-party solutions to collect or redirect data and traffic. Partner solutions that integrate with the Fortinet Security Fabric are able to actively collect and share threat information and mitigation instructions in order to improve intelligence, enhance overall awareness, and broaden threat response from end-to-end.
Fortinet has developed a series of well-defined, open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow technology partners to become part of the Fortinet Security Fabric at a number of critical integration points, including at the hypervisor, the SDN orchestration controller, in the cloud, in the sandbox to detect zero-day threats, and through logging and policy management.

As part of the program, partners have undergone solution validation with an ongoing commitment to continued interoperability and roadmap reviews. Additionally, Fabric-Ready partners will benefit from joint marketing and go-to-market initiatives with Fortinet. The following new technology partners have joined the Fabric-Ready Program across its various API integration points:

·         Cloud: Palerra, Verisign
·         Endpoint & IoT: Carbon Black, Nozomi Networks, Pulse Secure, Ziften
·         Management: Centrify, Tufin
·         SDN orchestration: UBIqube
·         Virtualization: Brocade
·         Vulnerability Management: Qualys, WhiteHat Security

FortiSIEM Expands Visibility and Intelligence of Security Fabric to Multi-Vendor Solutions
Further delivering on Fortinet’s commitment to support multi-vendor security environments, FortiSIEM provides a single source of visibility and actionable intelligence across the entire Security Fabric, Fabric-Ready Partner solutions and more than one hundred additional third-party networking and security solutions.

FortiSIEM delivers capabilities unmatched by traditional SIEM solutions currently available and is the only solution that provides a single pane of glass for both Security and Network Operations Center analytics and features. FortiSIEM provides all of the traditional SIEM features defined by Gartner and expands on those capabilities with patented real-time asset discovery and analytics, rapid integration, multi-tenant architectures, and effortless architecture scale-out.

FortiSIEM is the only solution capable of delivering the actionable threat intelligence and complete visibility needed to manage and defend enterprise infrastructures against today’s exponentially expanding threat landscape.