Wednesday, 13 July 2016

ABB & Solar Impulse in Egypt: transforming the power of the sun

Solar energy can help to run the world without consuming the Earth, at a time when climate change is a global concern.

Cairo, Egypt:  Solar Impulse, the only solar-powered plane capable of flying day and night, arrives to Cairo international airport tomorrow at dawn after a flight lasting for almost 50 hours and 30 minutes. The plane is an ambassador for solar energy, powered solely by photovoltaic cells which provide enough electricity to turn the motors during the day, and charge the batteries which keep it aloft throughout the night.

Power and Automation company ABB, present in Egypt for 90 years, is proving that solar energy can help to run the world without consuming the Earth, at a time when climate change is a global concern.

For thousands of years, Egypt has respected and revered the power of the sun. The arrival of the Solar Impulse plane is a reminder that, at a time when the pollution caused by energy production is putting our planet’s future at risk, the sun provides a clean alternative.

ABB’s products and solutions enable the energy of the sun’s rays, collected by solar power plants, to be transformed, converted and sent to the grid as electricity we can use in homes, offices and factories.

Naji Jreijiri, Managing Director for Egypt, North & Central Africa said “We are delighted that Solar Impulse is in Egypt to shine a spotlight on the huge potential of solar energy. Across the region, ABB is a leader in the integration of renewable and expects to maintain that position as solar power grows in importance. To give a recent example, our technology will ensure that the TOSHKA solar power plant, the first 10 MW grid-connected plant in Egypt, delivers stable, reliable and clean electricity.”

As further proof of ABB’s solar credentials, the company’s technology has enabled the production of almost a quarter of all the power generated from roof top installations in Egypt in the last 2 years. On the roof of ABB’s new offices in Cairo, a pilot solar plant has been installed, with a capacity of around 120KW, and the company has donated another Pilot solar installation to the University of Cairo’s Faculty of Engineering, due to be inaugurated later this year.

"The future of solar power in Egypt is brighter than ever, with the Government’s recent announcement of an increased feed-in tariff for solar installations below 200KW, a clear commitment to increase demand for roof-top installations throughout the country, spearheading a widespread shift towards clean energy sources", added Naji.

ABB in Egypt has the experience, technology and pioneering spirit to join the Egyptian Government towards achieving this goal.