Tuesday, 24 May 2016


WHEN: Saturday 4th June
WHERE: Movida Dubai – 1st floor, Nassima Royal Hotel
EVENT: Summer Festival Closing Party 

(23 May 2016) The list of closing parties can seem endless but chief among the glam gatherings is Movida Dubai’s ‘Summer Festival’ on Saturday 4th June.

If you fit into Dubai's mantra of 'see and be seen' then Movida’s closing party is the perfect place for you. Touted as one of the best clubs in Dubai they are redefining the meaning of a closing party with their summer blowout. The best part is ladies drink free all night long!

Closing festivities include Chris Nati and Chuck Wonderland spinning the decks and whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Hip Hop, RnB, House the choices are endless with an open format.

Don’t miss this night but you will miss the season!

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