Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Blockchain Conference set to Heat Up Dubai

World's most eminent financial technology event will discuss the future of financial technology, including The Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Cryptocurrencies and more
Dubai, UAE, May 17, 2016 – Keynote Events has announced its first Blockchain Technology Conference in Dubai, at the Burj Al Arab on May 30, 2016. Over the last five years an experiment called Bitcoin has created and proven a new kind of financial technology: The Blockchain. The Blockchain is a new, smarter way to automate cross-industry interactions, and represents huge increases in efficiency and massive cost savings.
Supported by the Smart Dubai initiative, and with Dubai's Museum of The Future Foundation as a strategic partner, the conference will host more than 200 C-level executives from Fortune 500 companies, along with investors and government officials from across the region.
The conference will serve as a platform for more than 20 elite speakers including Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr, Director General at Smart Dubai; Anthony Butler, CTO at IBM; Magnus Olsson, CEO at Careem; Dr. Noah Raford, Founding Member, Global Blockchain Council; Victor Kiriakos, MD at Flat6Labs; and Moe Levin, Founder of Keynote Events and member of the Global Blockchain Council.
“Several years ago Bitcoin began changing the financial world and ultimately helped prove the Blockchain, which is the most elegant and smartest way to track financial transactions and contracts. Blockchain is a functional global ledger, and it is going to change everything you know about how companies conduct business. I actively work with governments, regulators, banks and corporations to educate and understand how they are scaling. Blockchain technology is at the very core of all these discussions,” said Moe Levin. “I believe the region is ready for this innovative technology. This conference is aimed at bringing these projects from the fringe to mainstream, show off the projects that have been implemented across the UAE, and to educate organisations on the tremendous value it can bring to their operations."
Levin is also a member of the UAE-based Global Blockchain Council that was formed by the Museum of the Future Foundation. The Council is responsible for ensuring that Dubai remains ahead of the curve, and will provide ideas and guidance on how Blockchain can benefit market participants, and contribute to Dubai's economy.
Keynote is in its fifth year and is now the world's most eminent, longest running, and highly attended financial conference for the Bitcoin, Blockchain and currency industries. Keynotes were previously held in Amsterdam, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. Tickets for the conference are on sale at, with last minute tickets going on sale from May 25th.
"Having been a part of the Bitcoin and Blockchain universe for several years, I'm truly excited about what these technologies are going to do in the coming years. As a centre of innovation and knowledge, it makes perfect sense to have my next conference in Dubai, and I look forward to supporting people in their goals to take steps now to ensure the future success of this amazing region," said Levin.

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