Sunday, 27 March 2016



SOHO and SMB Networking Solutions Vendor Moves To Expand Business Scope With New Mobile Device Offering

  TP-LINK Technologies Co Ltd, a leading manufacturer of SOHO and SMB networking products and wireless solutions, has announced it is at GITEX Shopper Spring Edition 2016 to showcase and promote the recently launched Neffos smartphone, which also marked the company’s entry into the mobile handset market.

TP-LINK has its own stand at this year’s show to make sure that the smartphone breakthrough with the new handset introduction will help the company to expand its business scope and complement the existing portfolio of networking, wireless products and accessories.

According to the company which designs and supplies a range of networking products to distributors, resellers and retailers in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) including Routers, Range Extenders, 4G and 3G Mobile WiFi, ADSL, Switches, IP Cameras, Powerline Adapters, Print Servers, Media Converters and Network Adapters, the latest smartphone will help TP-LINK to set up a link with smart devices through standard protocol to create an ideal digital ecosystem for end user customers in the region.

Lucas Jiang, country manager, TP-LINK Middle East and Africa (MEA), said the company has decided to participate at GITEX Shopper this year with its own stand in addition to the support it’s providing its retail partners, to highlight the Neffos smartphone range directly to visitors that will come to the booth.

Jiang said TP-LINK’s confidence to enter the smartphone market is derived from the consistent and steady growth of its WLAN business and a deep insight to meet end user needs with a compelling mobile device. “The investment we are making into the smartphone business is long-term and a global one,” he declared.

Jiang added that the Neffos smartphone portfolio aims to strike a perfect balance between smart technology and stylish design, to create a unique digital experience by establishing a seamless connection between people and devices.

“The moniker Neffos derives from the Greek word ‘nephos’, which means ‘cloud’,” Jiang explained. “We picked this name because it also represents our vision of venturing into the smartphone business to establish a seamless connection between people and devices through the cloud.”

He pointed out that TP-LINK through the Neffos brand is fully committed to developing its products, services and consumer relations through extensive research and development (R&D) and acting on customer feedback. “We will implement and adhere to strict quality assurance practices and effective outreach initiatives by consistently focusing on the needs of end users to create superior products of the highest quality,” Jiang stated.

He said throughout GITEX Shopper this year, the company will be focusing on promoting activities that reinforce the Neffos brand building, visibility and product awareness across the entire range. “We have prepared a lot of fun activities and competitions for visitors that will come to our stand,” he said. “We want to ensure the Neffos message is received by our retail partners as well as consumers during the show and beyond.”

According to TP-LINK, the Neffos range aims to strike a balance between smart technology and fashionable design. The company said by leveraging cutting-edge technology, it is cultivating a harmonious relationship with people to power their everyday lives.

“For us, the launch of Neffos in the Middle East is appreciation of not only the aesthetic aspects of the design that make up a remarkable device, but a continued celebration of all the people that use the smartphone,” he added. “We want consumers to harness the ability to capture the essence of life in a moment, and save the beauty of it all for a lifetime.”

Jiang reiterated that the Neffos handset is competitively priced to meet the needs of an enthusiastic smartphone aficionado. “We are also looking forward to hearing feedback from our partners and most importantly the consumers whom we are targeting with this product,” he said.