Monday, 15 February 2016

Visa Announces Final Round of Winners of DSF Impossible Deals


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 15 Feb 2016 - As part of Visa’s ‘Impossible Deals’ promotion for this year’s Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), Visa, in partnership with Arabian Automobiles Company, the exclusive distributor of Infiniti in Dubai and Northern Emirates, gave its cardholders the chance to win impossible deals on eight luxury Infiniti Q70 cars, worth AED161,000 each, for just AED25,000 - 85% off the retail price. Two cars were offered every week of the month-long promotion.
The final two winners in the last week of the campaign were Reem Adnan and Walfrido Serrano Perez.
The 'Impossible Deals' promotion was in line with Visa’s effort to enrich the shopping experience for shoppers and enhance the electronic payments ecosystem in the UAE during one of busiest shopping periods in Dubai.
“Winning this deal has been absolutely amazing. I’ve never won anything in the past, so I’m very appreciative! I already have a 2015 Infiniti, so this is a really great feeling,”- Reem Adnan
“It’s been very exciting to win this deal. To be honest, when I first got a call saying I had won, I didn’t believe it. This is the first time I’ve ever won anything, and it’s been quite a luxurious win. I’m very grateful.”- Walfrido Serrano Perez