Thursday, 25 February 2016

Smartphones the preferred m-Commerce device in the Middle East: Criteo’s Q4 Mobile Commerce Report Announced

  • One in five mobile transactions in the GCC is conducted on a tablet, with 4 out of 5 taking place on smartphones
  • Share of mobile transactions made up more than 1/3 of online purchases in the GCC, at 35.9% for Q4 2015.  
  • Criteo unveils Universal Match to better engage today’s connected consumer through a personalized approach

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – February 25, 2016– Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), the performance marketing technology company, today released its Q4 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report, which examines mCommerce trends on a quarterly basis and provides insight into online shopping behavior as consumers’ path to purchase continues to evolve. Criteo’s dive into 1.4 billion online transactions finds that four in 10 purchases occur across multiple devices or channels globally. Of that figure, close to one-third are completed on a mobile device, indicating that consumers are using numerous devices along their path to purchase and are regularly buying on mobile.
The proliferation of mCommerce is further fueling the desire for more personalized brand experiences from consumers. Digital marketers can no longer look at device use alone to identify and convert consumers into buyers. For companies to win, understanding user profiles across multiple devices, browsers, and apps in order to provide them with a meaningful and relevant experience throughout their shopping journey is key to success. Criteo’s Universal Match capability within the Criteo Dynamic Retargeting product tailors online product recommendations, advertising and bidding for each user, so that marketers can maximize campaign performance and consumers get a seamless, one-to-one marketing experience.

“Criteo’s quarterly Mobile Commerce Report demonstrates that mobile is an essential component of commerce today, with most consumers browsing and buying across multiple devices,” said Jonathan Wolf, Chief Product Officer, Criteo. “In order to better understand this digitally-savvy consumer, marketers need to stop looking at each device on its own, and start understanding the user behind them. Multi-device behavior is the new normal. Criteo’s new Universal Match solution enables advertisers to zero in on shoppers at the time they are most likely to purchase, with a targeted message across all of their devices.”

Criteo’s Universal Match solution processes more than 35 billion browsing events daily to understand cross-device shopping behavior for over 500 million exact-matched IDs. To date, the choices for marketers have been limited. Universal Match delivers precision and scale, in addition to bridging existing gaps across all devices and channels including mobile apps, mobile Web, independent Web ecosystems and desktops.

The Criteo Q4 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report findings further highlight the fast-moving shift towards mCommerce and need for Criteo’s unique Universal Match capability.

Report Highlights:

Mobile Shopping is Booming for Retailers
Retailers with a strong mobile shopping experience closed out 2015 with impressive sales results, shifting many mobile device browsers into buyers. For brands to win with the mobile friendly consumer, they need to invest in a mobile marketing strategy that meets consumer wants and needs across all devices:
  • In the GCC, the share of mobile transactions made up more than 1/3 of online purchases, at 35.9% for Q4 2015.  This is more than double the global average.
  • In Q4 2015, global mobile transaction share saw 15 percent growth from 2014, reaching 30 percent of all eCommerce transactions.  
  • Across mobile devices, tablets drove higher value sales than smartphones, but iOS devices saw higher order values than the average.  
  • IOS made up 54% of mobile sales in the GCC, with Android closely behind at 46%.

Cross Device Use Continues to Rise
Consumers are comfortably using multiple devices—laptops, tablets and smartphones—in all stages of their shopping journey. The need to better understand consumer behavior, influence and intent are key components to engaging them in their cross-device journey. For brands to succeed, a strong consumer focus and use of technology like Criteo’s Universal Match should be adopted:

  • One in five mobile transactions in the GCC are conducted on a tablet, with 4 out of 5 taking place on smartphones. That is 19% for tablets, both IOS and Android, and 81% for smartphones.
  • Globally, close to 40 percent of transactions occurred across multiple devices or channels in Q4 2015.
  • Mobile order values compared to desktops in Q4 2015 were 87 (mobile) to 100 (Desktop).
  • 37 percent of desktop buyers browsed the same retailer’s site on at least one other device before purchasing.

No Stopping mCommerce Growth Globally  
Mobile as a share of eCommerce transactions are steadily growing worldwide. As consumers across the world turn to mobile for their purchasing device of choice, international brands need to ensure their mobile marketing strategies are meeting user standards:

50 percent of all eCommerce transactions across the globe were cross-device.