Thursday, 19 November 2015

Innovative breakthrough in Preventive Healthcare

Gone are the days when healthcare was just a word used for dealing with sicknesses. With technological progress, healthcare has now become a much wider industry than before. The Eternity Medicine Institute, this year’s winner of the Business Innovation of the Year Award, has developed a  technology that is about to change the way we look at healthcare.
“People often go to a doctor only when they’re sick, but we believe that the healthcare system of  the future should be preventive and predictive. We are changing healthcare from a reactive to  proactive mode,” says the founder and the CEO of Eternity Medicine, Markus Giebel.
Their invention of the Software for Age Management (SAM) takes old fashioned methods of health screenings to a new level. SAM works as a database which provides both doctors and patients with a 24-hour real time access to test results, receipts and doctor's recommendations.
The most amazing part of this cutting-edge technology is that it can predict your health journey. Marwan Baki, Lead Developer of the SAM software, shares that “when examining ones health at Eternity, a personal ‘Profit & Loss (P&L) of your Health’ is produced. This allows the software to mark hundreds of elevated biomarkers, which indicate potential issues in the body. A simple report is then generated including KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), goals, trends, forecasts and health advice that even a person with no medical background can read and understand. The evaluation provided by our award-winning SAM allows us to predict and prevent diseases such as cancer, risk of heart attack, diabetes, obesity and more.”
For example, if a person has test results showing a potential risk of diabetes or heart attack then Eternity can prepare an action plan at an early stage to prevent further complications and illnesses. Depending on the results given, Eternity will provide a detailed action plan on preventative care program. This will include stem cells, compounding pharmacy which offers bio identical hormones, nutraceuticals, and diet packages. Patients can now take advantage of high-end, tailor-made healthcare services which are designed to safeguard life and increase vitality.
Eternity also offers corporate wellness programs which include Executive and All Staff Screening packages. As part of these packages a ‘P&L of your Health’ is generated, this in turn enables SAM to screen hundreds and thousands of people in mere time.
Since the data is consolidated electronically, it saves the doctor’s time which can be used effectively and efficiently as opposed to manual data gathering and going through thousands of reports.
Going-forward, Giebel wants to offer this sophisticated software across the medical sector and provide SAM to other medical facilities.  The long term goal is to develop a multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations, of the healthcare industry.  By achieving this, Eternity aspires to drive healthcare to adapt a more proactive approach worldwide.
SAM has indeed revolutionized the global healthcare industry with its ability to predict health forecasts. To know more about their innovations and cutting-edge technologies, visit
Eternity Medicine Institute, Dubai is a first-of-its-kind medical practice in the UAE focusing on personalised prevention of disease, using advanced health screening technologies and cutting-edge treatments to significantly improve health and well-being.  By creating a comprehensive health report for individuals, families and employees all over the UAE, patients are being empowered to take control of their health to sustain, long and productive lives that are full of vitality.