Sunday, 25 October 2015

Diwan Videos is the most viewed multi-channel network in Middle East and Africa

Established in Cairo in 2010 by Ossama Youssef, DiwanVideos led the field in developing digital entertainment and monetization of online content in Egypt. Its first role was to introduce these ideas to major local media production companies with no existing digital media presence, supporting them through the conceptual and practical transition online. With an experienced team of YouTube Certified experts, DiwanVideos offers a wide range of specialized services to both content creators and online advertisers such as monetization at high rates, copyright management, reporting dashboard, animation production, video digitization and campaign management.
The company continued to grow in the years that followed as it expanded its regional services to  clients in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey. In addition to its Cairo main office, DiwanVideos currently has a regional office in Dubai, serving the GCC countries and more than 200 clients from different parts of the world including India, Canada, and the United Kingdom. DiwanVideos is recognized as the biggest Multi-Channel Network in the region, with over 7 billion views and 6.5 million subscriptions.
In 2010, DiwanVideos partnered with YouTube, expanding its worldwide reach in online video sharing. As a YouTube partner, it is eligible to monetize on YouTube content, protect content copyrights through YouTube’s Content ID (CID) technology, upload long videos and have access to many other resources.
DiwanVideos serves a prestigious array of clients including two Time 100 Most Influential People in the World honorees: Amr Khaled, the world-renowned Muslim preacher and TV personality, and Bassem Youssef, the internationally recognized Egyptian political satirist. Other recognized clients include Toyor Aljannah, a TV network specialized in children’s music content, and SpaceToon, a leading animated TV channel in the Middle East.
In 2014, DiwanVideos partnered with the video-sharing platforms Vuclip and Dailymotion, allowing the company to expand its demographic and geographic reach as well as enabling it to compete with other big players in the European markets. 
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