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16 May, 2023

NAFFCO Aviation showcases innovative safety solutions for airports at Dubai Airport Show 2023


NAFFCO Aviation’s ATC and ATM automation solutions aim to enhance efficiency and simplify air traffic control and management

ARFF FACLON vehicles are equipped to respond quickly in emergencies such as airport firefighting and rescue


Dubai, May 16, 2023: NAFFCO Aviation, a division of NAFFCO Group and one of the largest producers and suppliers of safety solutions in the world showcased its innovative solutions that empower airports to be safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly during its participation at Dubai Airport Show 2023 recently.


The participation of the division in the event is in line with the NAFFCO Group’s commitment to enhancing the safety and security of businesses across the globe. The Group offers a wide range of world-class fire-fighting equipment, trucks and vehicles, fire pumps and controllers, fire protection systems, pipes & fittings, passive fire protection, extra-low voltage solutions, medical, safety, and training.


Ali Al Khatib, Managing Director of NAFFCO Group, said: “Our commitment to enhancing life safety and protecting property through our cutting-edge solutions is at the core of everything we do. With our manufacturing and service facilities in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and the USA, we are well-equipped to meet the needs of customers worldwide. We strive to continuously innovate and improve our products and services to exceed our customers' expectations and provide them with the highest level of satisfaction. Our goal is to make airports safer, more efficient, and more sustainable while improving the passenger experience. At NAFFCO Aviation, we are always ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities to achieve our mission.”


The 22nd edition of Dubai Airport Show at Dubai World Trade Centre witnessed the participation of major players in the aviation industry from across the globe, who gathered to discuss a range of topics including sustainable recovery, passenger demand, and innovations related to future mobility and infrastructure.


During the event, NAFFCO Aviation unveiled its latest offering, an innovative Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Air Traffic Management (ATM) automation solution. With its advanced features, this state-of-the-art technology boosts efficiency and simplifies air traffic control and management, resulting in reduced delays and increased safety. The safety solutions provider also showcased their impressive range of ARFF (Airport Rescue Firefighting vehicles) at the Dubai Airport Show. One of the standout models on display was the Falcon 4x4, which is available in different sizes, including 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles. These trucks are specifically designed for airport firefighting and rescue operations and are equipped to respond quickly in emergencies while meeting all requirements.


“As a world business partner of Airport Council International (ACI-APAC), we are dedicated to achieving the Net Zero Carbon Emission by 2050 goal. To accomplish this, our highly skilled engineering team is constantly designing, supplying, supervising, and innovating airside and landside products to overcome the most intricate business challenges. Our participation at Dubai Airport Show 2023 is in line with this commitment,” Al-Khatib added.


NAFFCO's participation in the Dubai Airport Show 2023 has further cemented its position as a leading safety solutions provider in the aviation sector. With the advancement in the aviation industry, NAFFCO Aviation has remained committed to delivering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of airports across the world. The company has developed state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, aimed at boosting customer satisfaction of clients across 100 countries.




01 May, 2023

سيارة السباق المستقبلية فائقة الأداء AI:RACE من أودي وصلت متحف المستقبل



دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة) 1 مايو ، 2023 (: تعرض أودي الشرق الأوسط النموذج الأولي لسيارة AI:RACE، التي تجسد مستقبل الأداء الفائق، في منطقة الشرق الأوسط. تعتبر سيارة AI: RACE التجريبية الرائدة تحفة هندسية تعكس روح الابتكار والتفكير المستقبلي لدى أودي، حيث تتميز السيارة الكهربائية بالكامل والصديقة للبيئة بأناقة التصميم وقوة الأداء، وتسعى إلى إعادة تشكيل ملامح مستقبل التنقل.


تمثل AI: RACE أحدث سيارة بين مجموعة متعددة من السيارات الرائدة والتجريبية التي سيتم عرضها في متحف المستقبل، والتي تتضمن Audi Vision GT و A6 Avant e-tron و Skysphere و AI:ME وS1 Hoonitron في إطار الشراكة المستمرة الناجحة بين أودي الشرق الأوسط ومتحف المستقبل. ويهدف هذا التعاون، الذي دخل عامه الثاني حالياً، إلى عرض مستقبل التنقل الذي يتمثل في مجموعة من سيارات أودي التجريبية لزوار المتحف. ومن المقرر عرض بعض السيارات التجريبية المستقبلية الأخرى لاحقاً خلال هذا العام.





  • Etihad to take delivery of three new Boeing 787 Dreamliners in Q3 2023
  • New best-in-class interiors featuring Business suites with privacy doors
  • Upgraded experiences now rolled out including enhanced Wi-Fly packages, partnership with Armani/Casa and environmentally conscious dining experience


Abu Dhabi, UAE. Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, is showcasing a suite of new products and enhancements at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai this week. The airline revealed the new interior for its Boeing 787 Dreamliners that will join the fleet in the third quarter of this year adding to the 39 Dreamliners Etihad already operates.


“Etihad’s new 787 Dreamliner cabin interior showcases further enhancements to our award-winning and industry renowned cabins. Our new Business class takes the guest experience to new heights with the second evolution of the Business Studio which was launched on the Airbus A350-1000 last year,” said Antonoaldo Neves, Chief Executive Officer, Etihad Airways.


Etihad means Business


The Business cabin features Etihad’s unique, stylish interior, with a customised version of the Elements seat manufactured by Collins. Etihad is the first airline in the world to introduce the Elements seat on the Boeing 787.


The new seats will provide guests with a comfortable and spacious environment with added privacy provided by a suite door. The height of the suite has been further increased from the A350’s debut model, offering even greater privacy for guests.


Each of the 32 Business seats has direct aisle access with the cabin designed in a 1-2-1 configuration offering comfort, convenience and privacy whether travelling individually or with companions. The seats recline to a fully lie-flat-bed 78” in length and feature a 17.3” 4K TV screen, Bluetooth headphone pairing, multiple charging ports and wireless charging, as well as plenty of storage.


Elevating Economy


In Economy, the newest 787 will feature 271 seats which are lighter in weight than the current fleet and therefore more fuel efficient. The seats boast exceptional comfort and an increased feeling of space created by the smart design and adjustments including a slimmer profile armrest. Guests can also enjoy an extensive range of entertainment on the 13.3” 4K touch-screen monitor which also includes a convenient USB charging port.


Both cabins offer a stylish environment and the highest standards of comfort whether guests choose to rest, work or enjoy the award-winning inflight entertainment.


Experience upgrades


Technology throughout: The new 787 Dreamliner provides the latest in inflight entertainment technology from Safran. Exciting new features include Rave Ultra 4K monitors, Bluetooth headphone pairing and the option to pair personal phones and tablets to the screen and use as a remote.


The 787 Dreamliner is fitted with a new connectivity solution from Viasat using Ka-band technology which offers high-speed Wi-Fi with streaming capabilities on board as well as Live TV, including news and sport channels.


Etihad’s E-BOX also offers hours of entertainment which caters to a broad range of guests and preferences. Hundreds of blockbuster movies from Hollywood to Bollywood are accompanied by a broad range of Arabic, Asian and European content. In addition, popular TV shows, music, podcasts and games will ensure guests are entertained throughout their journey.


Never miss a moment with free Wi-Fly: In a sweep of product enhancements that arrived on board this year, Etihad introduced new Wi-Fly packages on its wide-body fleet with Chat and Surf packages offering unlimited data. Etihad Guest members, including those who enrol instantly just before the flight, are rewarded with free ‘Chat’ packages while they fly.


The free Chat packages provide access to popular messaging apps such as What’s App, WeChat, Messenger and more. Generous Surf packages offer unlimited data for the full flight duration.


Armani/Casa and Etihad unite to create a phenomenal Business Class experience: Etihad’s unique partnership with Armani/Casa has now fully rolled out across the airline’s Business class cabins, providing guests with an unparalleled Business experience. The range features bespoke dining ware and soft furnishings designed in collaboration with celebrated international designer brand Armani/Casa.


Dine in Economy with Etihad’s environmentally conscious service: Etihad’s new Economy dining service is not only stylish but also part of a closed loop recycling system, thereby creating a circular economy that removes single-use plastic entirely. The dining equipment has been designed to provide a quality experience for Etihad’s guests, while being functional for Etihad’s crew as well as reducing the impact of the operation on the environment.


Neves continues: “We remain fully committed to providing industry-leading experiences for our guests and we’re proud to showcase this here at the Arabian Travel Market. This year is about growth for Etihad – as well as enhancing our guest experience and adding aircraft to our fleet, we’ve announced new routes for our network, including Kolkata last month, Lisbon, Malaga and Mykonos this summer and Copenhagen and Dusseldorf in the fourth quarter.”

19 April, 2023




  • British-born brand unveils new state-of-the-art products on display during the Shanghai Auto Show leading with the new MG 7
  • MG’s immersive stand will be split into four unique zones: MG International Area, New Energy Area, Vehicle Appreciation Area, and MG 7 Rain house
  • MG 7 successfully challenged and set a new Guinness World Record for the greatest altitude change by a petrol-powered carstarting from Chinas lowest point and finishing at the top of the Lhasa Pass in Tibet for a cumulative altitude difference of 5978.17m.


(18 March 2023, Middle East) – MG Motor is set to unveil new state-of-the-art products at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (also known as the Shanghai Auto Show) on April 18th. The British-born brand will celebrate its centurial, inviting attendees to participate in an immersive experience at the MG stand inspired by its diverse portfolio, divided into four unique zones: the MG International Area, the New Energy Area, the Vehicle Appreciation Area, and the MG7 Rain house.


The MG7 Rain House will give visitors the opportunity to take photos against a rain screen with the MG 7 in front of a cinematic black backdrop. In the international business and new energy exhibition area, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about MG’s historical journey, and the brand’s major milestones and global achievements such as the development and launch of its successful all-electric MG 4.


The new MG 7, which takes a leading place on MG's five-model debut list, will be featured prominently. The car boasts a fastback design imbued with British flair, frameless doors, adaptive electric three-section tail wings, and an ultra-luxurious experience from top to bottom. A BOSE ® Centerpoint Deep Sea Surround Sound system, Dinamica ® High Quality Suede, Topload openable glass enclosure and an intelligent cockpit of the BANMA Luoshen 8155 make the interior an ultra-luxurious experience.


The MG 7 will be offered in two power packs: 2.0 Turbo engine with 9AT and 1.5T with 7DCT, acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 6.5 seconds. Both the mCDC intelligent adjustable electronic suspension and E-LSD electronically limited slip differential, ensure driving safety whilst providing consumers a comfortable driving experience.


The MG 7 recently successfully challenged and broke the Guinness World Record in March 2023, setting the record for the greatest altitude change by a petrol-powered car at 5978.17m. Starting on 25 February from the lowest point in China the Aiding Lake, at 148.379 m below sea level, it drove through the Gobi Desert, and mountain roads to reach the Laqiongla Mountains on 6 March at an altitude of 5,829.788m above sea level.


Tom Lee, Managing Director of MG Motor Middle East, commented: “We are thrilled to be a part of the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, a prestigious platform to introduce global audiences to the charm of the British-born MG brand and showcase our latest offering. Leading with our new MG 7, which is set to arrive in the Middle East region in Q4 2023, we have already received an overwhelmingly positive response globally. The slew of products planned for launch throughout the year will serve to not only strengthen our position in the region, but provide our customers with diverse options.”


MG Motor invites attendees to join them at Hall 3 of the Shanghai Auto Show from April 18th to 27th to experience the brand's rich history and showcase of products.


جي موتور تعرض أحدث منتجاتها في معرض شنغهاي للسيارات 2023


  • العلامة التجارية بريطانية المنشأ تكشف عن أحدث منتجاتها في معرض شنغهاي للسيارات وعلى رأسها MG 7 الجديدة
  • منصّة ’إم جي التفاعُلية الغامرة ستُقسَّم إلى أربع مناطق فريدة: منطقة MG International، منطقة New Energy، منطقة Vehicle Appreciation ومنطقة MG 7 Rain House
  • تمكّنت MG 7 بنجاح من تحدّي وتسجيل رقم قياسي عالمي جديد لدى مجموعة غينيس وذلك ضمن فئة أعظم تغيير في الارتفاع لسيارة عاملة بالوقود، انطلاقاً من النقطة الأقل ارتفاعاً في الصين وصولاً إلى أعلى نقطة عند لهاسا باس (Lhasa Passفي التيبت مع فارق إجمالي في الارتفاع قدره 5,978.17 متراً


الشرق الأوسط، 18 أبريل 2023  تكشف ’إم جي موتور (MG Motor) عن أحدث منتجاتها في الدورة العشرين من معرض شنغهاي الدولي لقطاع السيارات (Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition) والمعروف أيضاً باسم معرض شنغهاي للسيارات (Shanghai Auto Show) بتاريخ 18 أبريل الجاري مجموعة كاملة من المنتَجات. وسوف تحتفل العلامة التجارية بريطانية المنشأ بمئويتها عبر دعوة الحضور للانخراط في تجربة تفاعُلية غامرة على منصّة

’إم جي المستوحاة من عائلتها المتنوَّعة من المركبات، والمقسَّمة إلى أربع مناطق فريدة هيمنطقة MG International، منطقة New Energy، منطقة Vehicle Appreciation ومنطقة MG 7 Rain House.


ستمنح منطقة MG Rain House الزوّار فرصة التقاط الصور بوجود شاشة مطرية مع سيارة MG 7 أمام خلفية سينمائية سوداء. أما في منطقتَي الأعمال الدولية والطاقة الجديدة، فسيحظى الزوّار بفرصة التعرُّف عن كثب على رحلة

’إم جي التاريخية والمحطّات الرئيسية للعلامة التجارية والإنجازات الدولية التي حقّقتها مثل تطوير وإطلاق مركبتها الناجحة الكهربائية بالكامل MG 4.


وستحتلّ MG 7 الجديدة موقعاً ريادياً ضمن لائحة ’إم جي التي تتضمّن ظهور خمسة طرازات جديدة، حيث سيجري عرضها بشكل بارز على المنصّة. وتتألّق هذه السيارة بتصميم السقف والصندوق الخلفي المنحنيين للأسفل (fastback) مع لمسة مشبَعة بالأناقة البريطانية، وتحوي أبواباً بدون هياكل وأجنحة خلفية تكيُّفية كهربائية ثلاثية الأجزاء، وهي تتميّز بتجربة فاخرة للغاية من الأعلى للأسفل. كم تأتي السيارة مزوَّدة بنظام الصوت BOSE ® Centerpoint Deep Sea Surround Sound، وخامة Dinamica ® High Quality Suede عالية الجودة، ومقصورة زجاجية قابلة للفتح وقمرة قيادة ذكية مع نظام BANMA Luoshen 8155، مما يجعل المقصورة الداخلية زاخرة بتجربة فائقة الفخامة.

سوف تتوفر MG 7 مع خيارين من أنظمة توليد الحركة: محرّك سعة 2.0 ليتر بشاحن توربيني مقترن بنظام نقل حركة أوتوماتيكي من تسع سرعات، أو محرّك 1.5T مع نظام نقل حركة 7DCT، مما يتيح التسارُع من 0 إلى 100 كلم/س خلال 6.5 ثواني. ومن شأن نظام التعليق الإلكتروني الذكي mCDC القابل للتعديل والترس التفاضلي الإلكتروني E-LSD محدود الانزلاق، أن يضمنا تعزيز مستويات السلامة أثناء القيادة بينما يمنحان العملاء تجربة قيادة مريحة.


وكانت MG 7 قد نجحت مؤخراً بتحدّي وكسر الرقم القياسي العالمي لدى مجموعة غينيس في مارس 2023، حيث سجّلت الرقم القياسي لأعلى تغيُّر في الارتفاع أحرزته سيارة بمحرّك وقود وذلك مع فارق قدره 5,978.17 متراً. وكانت السيارة قد انطلقت برحلتها بتاريخ 25 فبراير من النقطة الأقل ارتفاعاً في الصين عند بحيرة آيدينغ (Aiding Lake) والتي يقلّ ارتفاعها عن سطح البحر 148.379 متراً، وتمت قيادتها بعد هذا عبر صحراء غوبي (Gobi Desert) والطرقات الجبلية للوصول إلى جبال لاكيونغلا (Laqiongla Mountains) بتاريخ 6 مارس والتي يبلغ ارتفاعها 5,829.788 متراً فوق سطح البحر.


وعلّق توم لي، المدير التنفيذي لعمليات ’إم جي موتور في الشرق الأوسط، على هذا بالقول: "تسعدنا جداً المشارَكة في الدورة العشرين من معرض شنغهاي للسيارات الذي يُعتبَر منصّة راقية لتعريف الجمهور الدولي على سحر علامة إم جي بريطانية المنشأ واستعراض أحدث منتَجاتنا. وتأتي على رأس هذا سيارتنا MG 7 الجديدة المقرَّر أن تصل إلى منطقة الشرق الأوسط في الفصل الرابع من 2023، ونحن نتلقّى منذ الآن الكثير من الاهتمام الإيجابي بها. ومجموعة المنتَجات التي نخطّط لطرحها على مدى السنة لن تخدم بتعزيز موقعنا في المنطقة فحسب، بل ستمنح العملاء الكثير من الخيارات المتنوّعة أيضاً."


تدعو إم جي موتور الزوّار للانضمام إليها في الصالة 3 خلال معرض شنغهاي للسيارات المقام بين 18 و27 أبريل الجاري، حيث ستُتاح لهم فرصة التعرُّف على التاريخ الغني للعلامة التجارية وعيش تجربة متميّزة مع منتَجاتها المعروضة.


  • انتهى -