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13 April, 2023

Bespoke High-Performance Bridgestone Tyres Unleash the New Lamborghini Revuelto’s Potential


·         As its exclusive tyre partner, Bridgestone develops custom-engineered tyres capable to enhance the new Lamborghini Revuelto’s sporty and high-performance capabilities.

·         The Lamborghini Revuelto supercar is available with bespoke Bridgestone Potenza Sport high-performance tyres as well as Blizzak LM005 as an optional winter fitment to answer the needs of all types of driver. 

·         The exclusive partnership continues Bridgestone’s successful collaboration with Lamborghini for its super cars, following the creation of custom-designed Bridgestone tyres for Huracán STO, EVO, Tecnica and Sterrato models.

12 April 2023 — Bridgestone has once again been chosen by Lamborghini as its exclusive tyre partner for the new Revuelto, Lamborghini’s first-ever super sports V12 HPEV (High Performance Electrified Vehicle). Bridgestone developed bespoke Potenza Sport high-performance tyres for the Lamborghini Revuelto, which features three electric motors powering the front wheels, and a V12 internal combustion engine powering the rear wheels.


Available in 20, 21 and 22 inches, Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyres were designed to enhance the Lamborghini Revuelto’s sporty and high-performance capabilities. The design and materials help to deliver outstanding performance at high speeds, excellent steering responses and precision that’s ideally suited to the Lamborghini Revuelto’s ultimate performance DNA, along with outstanding grip on dry and wet surfaces.


The Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyres specifically developed for the Lamborghini Revuelto are also available with Run Flat Technology (RFT). This enables drivers to continue driving safely even after a puncture – for 80km at 80kph with 0-bar pressure, giving drivers additional peace of mind. 


Providing custom-designed tyres for all types of drivers


The new Lamborghini Revuelto is also available with Bridgestone’s bespoke Blizzak LM005 winter tyre option. The Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 provides the ideal winter solution, guaranteeing outstanding grip on snow, while providing secure steering responsiveness and precision on dry and wet surfaces.


Steven De Bock, Vice President Consumer Replacement and OE at Bridgestone EMIA, commented: “Bridgestone has developed bespoke tyres for Lamborghini that perfectly complements and enhances the Revuelto’s character. We’ve created tyres that deliver the handling attributes necessary for a high-powered vehicle, along with Run Flat Technology, without compromising on performance. We’ve also provided a bespoke winter tyre option that matches drivers’ needs, ensuring the Lamborghini Revuelto can be enjoyed in all conditions, all year round.” 


Building on an exciting and exclusive collaboration


Cristian Mastro, Marketing Director at Lamborghini, commented: “We are particularly pleased to be working with Bridgestone as our exclusive tyre partner once again. This partnership on the new Revuelto continues our strong collaboration with Bridgestone on our super cars, following the recent development of custom-engineered Bridgestone tyres for Huracán STO, EVO, Tecnica and Sterrato models”.


Developed and manufactured in Italy, the Lamborghini Revuelto’s Bridgestone tyres were designed and tested at the company’s European R&D Centre, using Bridgestone’s Virtual Tyre Development technology. This sustainable approach enables a digital version of an in-development tyre to be created and tested virtually before building prototypes, leading to savings in raw materials and CO2 emissions during development.


The premium high-performance Potenza Sport tyres specifically developed for the Lamborghini Revuelto are available as mixed fitment with 265/35 ZRF20 on the front axle and 345/30 ZRF21 on the rear axle, as well as with 265/30 ZRF21 on the front and 355/25 ZRF22 on the rear, both featuring Run-flat Technology. On top, a performance combination has been designed as well, which features on front axle 265/35 ZR20 and on rear axle 345/30 ZR21 Potenza Sport (tubeless version). Bridgestone’s Blizzak LM005 tyres are available as an aftersales winter option which features on front axle 265/35 R20 and on rear axle 345/30 R21.


Bridgestone’s partnership with Lamborghini continues the company’s vision to provide customer and social value as a sustainable solutions company. The Bridgestone E8 Commitment remains at the heart of this, with the global corporate commitment clearly defining the value the company is promising to deliver to society, customers, and future generations in eight focus areas. This project particularly aligns with “Emotion: Committed to inspiring excitement and spreading joy to the world of mobility”.

11 April, 2023

The New Audi Kingdom Edition. Inspired by the visionaries.

• A range of special-edition Audi models launched exclusively in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

• The Kingdom Edition model range comprises: Audi S6, S7, A8 and Q8 models

• The 93 limited-edition models are available at Audi Centers across the Kingdom and can be reserved or purchased online

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 10 April 2023 – Audi Saudi Arabia introduces an exclusive, limited-edition series of its luxury Sedan and SUV derivatives. To celebrate 93 years of the unification and patriotism of Saudi Arabia, the brand with the Four Rings is offering a collection of 93 highly exclusive Kingdom Edition models.


The luxurious limited-edition Kingdom Edition comprises four models, carefully selected to purposefully align with the prestige credentials of Saudi Arabia. Audi S6 and S7 sedans were chosen for their high-performance sports engines, whilst delivering distinctive exclusivity. Next comes the Audi A8, which represents the embodiment of status and authority, reworked to be more confident and athletic. Its masterful comfort and sporty handling come with an extra-large interior exuding high seating comfort in the rear. Finally, the Kingdom Edition collection is completed with the Audi Q8, which impressively combines the emotional lines of a sporty coupé with the spaciousness of an SUV.


The four special Kingdom Edition models have their very own unique specifications, such as an exclusive ‘Goodwood green’ exterior paint option inspired by the Saudi Arabian flag, and leather upholstery as standard. Other special features include Kingdom Edition scuff plates, KSA map stitching in the headrests, a green rhombus pattern on floor mats and Saudi-inspired digitized motifs in the door entry lights, along with rear window matting with rhombus pattern.


Carsten Bender, Managing Director of Audi Middle East, said: “The Kingdom Edition series exemplifies Audi's commitment to excellence and innovation, combining luxury, sportiness, and exclusivity with a deep appreciation for the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia. We are proud to offer these limited-edition models as a tribute to the visionaries who have shaped the Kingdom’s history and its bright future. With their distinctive design elements and exclusive features, the Kingdom Edition models are a true testament to Audi's dedication to delivering exceptional driving experiences and creating meaningful connections with our customers."


“The launch of these limited-edition luxury models is a unique tribute to the proud heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we’re excited to have debuted them during the celebration of Saudi Founding Day”, said Abdulaziz Moolla, General Manager of Audi Saudi Arabia.


The National Marketing Manager at Audi Saudi Arabia, Furqan Ahmed, said that, “The Kingdom Edition is the first special edition Audi model range designed and inspired specifically for Saudi Arabia, a passion project for Audi Saudi Arabia that commemorates the Audi brand with Saudi Arabian heritage. Such an important tribute to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia deserves a unique celebration for each patriotic individual that purchases one of the 93 exclusive vehicles. We are thrilled to offer each new Kingdom Edition owner a tailored gift set sourced from the proudly Saudi Arabian brand, Atheya”.


The Audi Kingdom Edition range is now available to view, reserve or purchase online at or by contacting Audi Saudi Arabia on 800 118 0099.


أودي تطرح الإصدار الخاص بالمملكة الجديد. روادنا مصدر إلهامنا.


  • أودي تطلق إصداراً خاصاً وحصرياً من سياراتها الفاخرة في المملكة العربية السعودية
  • الإصدار الخاص بالمملكة من أودي متوفر لطرازات S6، وS7، وA8 L، وQ8
  • تتوفر 93 سيارة فقط من هذا الإصدار الخاص والمحدود في معارض أودي على مستوى المملكة، ويمكن حجزها أو شراؤها عبر الإنترنت


دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 10 أبريل 2023أطلقت أودي السعودية إصداراً حصرياً ومحدوداً من مجموعتها الفاخرة من سيارات سيدان وSUV احتفالاً بمرور 93 عاماً على توحيد المملكة، حيث تطرح الشركة 93 سيارة حصرية.


المجموعة الفاخرة من الإصدار الخاص بالمملكة تحتوي من أربعة طرازات مختارة بعناية لتتماشى مع المتطلبات الراقية في المملكة العربية السعودية، حيث تم اختيار سيارتي S6 وS7 سيدان لمحركاتها الرياضية فائقة الأداء. كما تم اختيار سيارة A8 L التي يعكس تصميمها الجديد المكانة والسلطة، ويتميز بمزيد من الفخامة والرفاهية، حيث تجمع السيارة بين أعلى مستويات الراحة ومتعة القيادة الرياضية ورحابة المقصورة والمساحة الواسعة في المقاعد الخلفية. وتكتمل مجموعة سيارات الإصدار الخاص بالمملكة بسيارة Q8 التي تتميز بالخطوط الانسيابية الواضحة لسيارات كوبيه الرياضية ورحابة سيارات SUV.


إضافة إلى ذلك، تتميز سيارات الإصدار الخاص بالمملكة بمواصفات فريدة، حيث يتوفر لها اللون الخارجي "Goodwood green" الحصري والمستوحى من العلم السعودي مع كسوة مقاعدها بالجلد كتجهيز أساسي. وتأتي الطرازات أيضاً بتصميم خاص لعتبات الأبواب كما تم تطريز مساند الرأس بخريطة المملكة العربية السعودية، ونقوش على سجاد الأرضية في المقدمة باللون الأخضر مستوحاة من المملكة العربية السعودية بالإضافة إلى والإضاءة الترحيبية في الأبواب وكذلك على زجاج النوافذ الخلفية.


وقال كارستن بندر، المدير التنفيذي لشركة أودي الشرق الأوسط: "يعكس هذا الإصدار الخاص بالمملكة التزام أودي بالتميز والابتكار، حيث تجمع بين الفخامة والرياضية والحصرية مع الاعتزاز الكبير بالتراث الثقافي للمملكة. ويسرنا تقديم هذه الطرازات المحدودة تكريماً لأصحاب الرؤى الذين شكلوا المستقبل المشرق للمملكة العربية السعودية. وتسعى أودي لتقديم تجارب قيادة استثنائية والتواصل مع عملائها والارتباط بتراثهم من خلال عناصر التصميم المميزة والتجهيزات الخاصة التي توفرها في هذا الإصدار الحصري".


وبهذه المناسبة قال عبد العزيز مولا، المدير العام لأودي في المملكة العربية السعودية: "يمثل طرح هذه المجموعة الفاخرة والمحدودة من الطرازات تقديراً وتكريماً لتراث المملكة العربية السعودية، ويسرنا إطلاق هذه المجموعة في يوم التأسيس السعودي".


ومن جانبه، قال فرقان أحمد، مدير تسويق أودي في المملكة العربية السعودية: "إن إصدار المملكة هو أول إصدار خاص لمجموعة طرازات أودي المصممة خصيصاً للمملكة العربية السعودية والمستوحاة من تراثها، وهو مشروع يعكس شغف أودي السعودية بالاحتفال بذكرى علامتها التجارية في المملكة والإرث الذي يستحق هذا التكريم المهم، كما يعد احتفالاً فريداً لكل من يمتلك واحدة من 93 سيارة حصرية. ويسرنا بهذه المناسبة أن نقدم لكل عميل يشتري سيارة جديدة من إصدار المملكة مجموعة هدايا مصممة خصيصاً من العلامة التجارية السعودية الفاخرة "عذيَّة".


تتوفر مجموعة طرازات الإصدار الخاص بالمملكة الحصرية للحجز أو الشراء عبر الإنترنت من خلال الموقع التاليكما يمكنكم التواصل مع أودي السعودية على الرقم المجاني 8001180099.




06 April, 2023

كونسبت سيارة جينيسيس GV80 كوبيه يجمع ما بين الأناقة والأداء القوي ويؤكد على الفخامة والمزايا الرياضية


  • ظهور نموذج سيارة جينيسيس GV80 كوبيه لأول مرة في جينيسيس هاوس في نيويورك يوم 3 أبريل
  • يدل النموذج الفاخر على استعداد جينيسيس للمستقبل، ويشير إلى التوجه نحو الروابط العاطفية والأداء القوي
  • يجسد النموذج فلسفة تصميم علامة جينيسيس مع التأكيد على المزايا الرياضية


الإمارات العربية المتحدة، دبي، 5 أبريل 2023: كشفت جينيسيس عن نموذج سيارة GV80 كوبيه ضمن حدث خاص استضافته في جينيسيس هاوس نيويورك.


ويمثل نموذج سيارة GV80 كوبيه، التي تتسع لأربعة ركاب وجهاً جديداً لعلامة جينيسيس، كما يؤكد لوك دونكيرفولك، الرئيس الإبداعي في المجموعة: "يجسد هذا النموذج التنوع لدى علامة جينيسيس، حيث يستعرض الطابع القوي للسيارة ضمن معايير رياضية وأنيقة تجسد فلسفة التصميم التي تفخر جينيسيس بامتلاكها".


ويجمع نموذج سيارة GV80، المستوحى من نموذج X Speedium كوبيه، التي كشف النقاب عنها في نيويورك العام الماضي بين التطبيق العملي لسيارة الدفع الرباعي ذات التفاصيل الأنيقة التي تتلاءم مع نمط الحياة من جهة، وديناميكية السيارة الرياضية من جهة أخرى. إن هذا النموذج يعتبر دليلاً واضحاً على الجمع ما بين الارتباط العاطفي والأداء القوي، كما أنه يقدم لمحة عن برامج جينيسيس المستقبلية.


قال لوك دونكيرفولك: "بدأت علامة جينيسيس منذ أيامها الأولى بإنتاج سيارات السيدان الفاخرة، التي تطورت إلى طرازات G70، وG80، وG90. وعلى مدى السنوات السبع الماضية، أضفنا المزيد من النماذج التي تركز على أسلوب الحياة إلى مجموعة سياراتنا، ومن ضمنها الطرازات الرياضية ذات الدفع الرباعي GV80 وGV70. ونحن الآن نواصل التقدم نحو الأمام من خلال المزيد من السيارات التي ترتبط بالحواس وتقدم لمحة عن الأداء المتطور والمزايا الديناميكية الفائقة التي تتمتع بها جينيسيس".


أناقة رياضية وأداء متطور

تتميز الواجهة الأمامية لنموذج سيارة GV80 كوبيه بشبكة G-Matrix Patterned Crest مزدوجة تحيط بها أضواء رباعية، تمثل تطوراً من تقنية المصفوفة متعددة العدسات لتقدم أناء إنارة انسيابي. كما يساهم التصميم بتحسين التبريد من خلال أربع فتحات في المصد الأمامي تعمل على تقليل التدفق الحراري.


توفر منصة جينيسيس للدفع بالعجلات الخلفية الأساس لغطاء المحرك الطويل في نموذج سيارة GV80 كوبيه وأبعادها الواسعة من لوحة العدادات إلى المحور. وتكتمل هذه المزايا بتفاصيل تبرز قوة السيارة وتعبر عن فخامتها من الجانبين.


يتميز الرفراف الأمامي بشارة كتب عليها "Designed by Genesis" لتدل على الطابع الحصري لطراز جينيسيس، في حين أن العجلات المصنوعة من الألمنيوم بتصميم خمس أذرع شعاعية وسقف من ألياف الكربون، تؤكد على خصائص القيادة الديناميكية في نموذج سيارة GV80 كوبيه من خلال خفض مركز الثقل وتقليل الوزن، لتؤكد بذلك على الطابع الرياضي للسيارة.


ومن أجل تعزيز مزايا الديناميكية أثناء القيادة إلى مستوى أعلى، فقد زودت التفاصيل التي تركز أساساً على الديناميكية الهوائية بشكل كبير، عن طريق جناح خلفي علوي وحافة جناح، يوفران قوة ضغط سفلي متزايد عند السرعة. كما يكتمل التصميم الأنيق والفخم في السيارة بمصابيح خلفية على شكل خطين ممتدين.


ويدل اللون المميز الذي اختير للسيارة على الجرأة والقوة أيضاً، حيث تبرز بمستوى عالٍ من الأناقة بفضل لون ماجما لجسم السيارة، وهو مستوحى من الروح والأصالة الكورية التي تمتلكها علامة جينيسيس. وفي تعليق حول اللون قال دونكيرفولك: "يرمز اللون إلى الثقة بالنفس والارتباط العاطفي في كوريا. ورغم أن الانطباع الأول يدل على الهدوء والانضباط والتواضع، فسرعان ما يتغير ذلك بفضل الأداء العالي والقوة الهائلة".


الأناقة الفائقة ترتبط مع الأداء القوي

تأكيداً على استمرار الطابع القوي والرياضي في التصميم الخارجي للسيارة، فإن التصميم الداخلي في نموذج سيارة GV80 كوبيه يعبر أيضاً عن فلسفة جينيسيس التي تجمع ما بين الأناقة والمزايا الرياضية.


ويساهم المقود الأنيق ثلاثي الأضلاع بدور فائق في ترسيخ الطابع الرياضي ضمن مقصورة القيادة في نموذج سيارة GV80 كوبيه، حيث يبرز التباين بين جلد النابا الأسود والجلد المدبوغ مع التطريزات والتفاصيل ذات اللون البرتقالي، والأسطح المغطاة بألياف الكربون.


وتضمن المقاعد الرياضية مزيداً من الدعم للجسم في المنعطفات، وهذا ما يساهم في ضمان سلامة الركاب وراحتهم، في حين يبرز مسند الظهر المصنوع من ألياف الكربون، والمطلي بلون مماثل لجسم السيارة الهيكل، ليعبر عن الطابع المتفرد في نموذج سيارة GV80 كوبيه. ويتم تعزيز صلابة جسم السيارة بدعامة G-Matrix خلف المقاعد الرياضية.


يؤكد نموذج سيارة GV80 كوبيه على التزام جينيسيس وطموحاتها في تقديم منتجات فاخرة مبتكرة ذات طابع متميز يجمع ما بين الأناقة الهائلة والجرأة إلى أبعد الحدود.

20 March, 2023

2022 fiscal year: Record operating profit for Audi

• CEO Markus Duesmann: “Our strategy for sustainability, digitalization, and electrification provides the right answers, even in times of multiple crises”

• CFO Jürgen Rittersberger: “The company demonstrated great financial strength in 2022 despite challenging global conditions”

• Revenue increases to €61.8 billion, operating profit to €7.6 billion; high net cash flow of €4.8 billion

Middle East, March 17, 2023 – The Audi Group closed the 2022 fiscal year with a record result in a year when the company continued its path toward becoming a leading provider of connected, fully electric premium mobility. Revenue rose 16.4 percent to a record €61.8 billion while operating profit climbed nearly 40 percent to an all-time high of €7.6 billion. The operating margin rose from last year’s 10.4 percent to 12.2 percent, and net cash flow reached €4.8 billion, the second-highest figure in the company’s history. Key drivers of this year’s strong financial performance included consistent crisis management in a year marked by overlapping global challenges, a good price position, and strong results from the Bentley, Lamborghini, and Ducati brands. 2022 also saw a sharp increase in the number of fully electric models delivered.

In 2023, Audi will launch the largest product campaign in the company’s history, starting with the future Q6 e-tron model series. It will be the first electric model based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE).

 “Our Vorsprung 2030 strategy provides the right answers, even in times of multiple crises,” says Markus Duesmann, CEO of AUDI AG. “We are focusing Audi on sustainability and systematically advancing the digitalization and electrification of our products.” 

Deliveries almost at previous year's level

The Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Ducati brand group1 delivered a total of 1,638,638 (2021: 1,688,9782) cars and 61,562 (2021: 59,447) motorbikes in 2022. Despite major challenges in the logistics and supply chains, particularly in the first half of the year, deliveries this reporting year remained almost on par with last year, thanks to a strong performance in the second half of the year. In 2022, the Audi brand delivered 1,614,231 (2021: 1,680,512) cars to customers.


Persistent, strong growth in electric vehicles

In 2022, the Audi Group again saw significant growth in deliveries of fully electric models. With an increase of around 44 percent in deliveries of fully electric cars (118,196 vehicles), the Premium brand group is systematically continuing its electrification strategy. The persistent, strong demand for electric vehicles means the share of fully electric vehicles delivered rose from 4.8 percent in the previous year to 7.2 percent. With the launch of the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), Audi is emphasizing its commitment to becoming the leading provider of connected, fully electric premium mobility. Developed together with Porsche, the platform is a key component for expanding Audi’s global range of electric cars. The future Q6 e-tron model series, the Group’s first production model to be based on the PPE, will be unveiled in the second half of 2023.

“With the Audi Q6 e-tron, e-mobility is coming from Ingolstadt for the first time,” says Audi CEO

Duesmann. “To this end, we’re also building a dedicated battery assembly facility on site. This

will enable us to retain important know-how here in Germany and train our employees in future


Record-level revenue

Audi Group’s revenue rose to €61,753 (2021: 53,068) million. The 16.4 percent spike is due in particular to the strong price position and the one-off consolidation of the Bentley brand on January 1, 2022. The fully electric Audi Q4 e-tron*, Audi e-tron GT quattro*, and Audi e-tron models made a significant contribution to the increase, as did revenue from the Audi A3 and Audi Q5 model series.

Sustainability in every corporate decision

The brand group began voluntarily reporting its EU taxonomy figures back in the 2021 fiscal year. Measured against the Audi Group’s total revenue, the share of EU-taxonomy-aligned revenue rose to €8.3 (2021: 6.8) billion, equivalent to 13.5 (2021: 12.8) percent of total revenue. This includes revenue from the sale of fully electric vehicles, with an increase of 49 percent, which marks another milestone on the Audi brand’s e-roadmap. The company is thus emphasizing the importance of the ESG sustainability criteria anchored in its Vorsprung 2030 strategy.

In order to make visible and transparent the high priority the company places on sustainable development in accordance with the ESG (environment, social, and governance), AUDI AG is currently obtaining a comprehensive ESG rating from an independent rating agency. The rating is due to be published in the spring of 2023.

In positioning itself for a sustainable future, AUDI AG is also building its automotive value chain on the basis of the circular economy. Audi aims to steadily increase the share of recycled materials in the Audi fleet over the next few years. In turn, this will enable the company to reduce its models’ environmental footprint. Direct access to secondary materials is also likely to help improve long-term supply security. Together with 15 partners from the research, recycling, and supplier sectors, the brand with the four rings launched the MaterialLoop pilot project in October 2022. The company and the project partners are investigating reusing materials from cars that have reached the end of their life cycle for the production of new vehicles; around 100 end-of-life vehicles have already been dismantled. This is just one of many circular economy projects at Audi. The Audi plants in Neckarsulm, Ingolstadt, and Győr in Hungary, as well as the Volkswagen plant in Bratislava, are already implementing the Aluminum Closed Loop.

The Audi Group is continuing to accelerate its transformation into a provider of sustainable, connected premium mobility: From 2023 to 2027, the Company will invest two-thirds of its outlays, or around €28 billion, in the future fields of electrification and digitalization. Audi CEO Duesmann: “Our focus on sustainable goals will shape our actions in the short, medium, and long term. The future investments from the current planning round confirm this clear path.”

Group operating profit at record level

Audi Group’s operating profit reached €7,550 (2021: 5,498) million, an increase of 37.3 percent. The operating margin also increased significantly to 12.2 (2021: 10.4) percent. In addition to strong market performance, the positive effects of securing raw materials contributed significantly to these record results.

In line with the company’s socially sustainable focus, the system for ensuring that employees benefit from these financial successes is also being revised. To this end, the company and the Works Council have reworked Audi’s profit-sharing scheme. This revision builds on the 2019 joint agreement Audi.Future. The emphasis is on strengthening the company pension scheme and ensuring that all employees share in the company’s profits from the first euro. In addition, the revision creates a profit-dependent collective component, which is intended to strengthen Audi’s standing as an attractive employer in the long term. Based on the revised scheme, Audi is giving employees a share of the profit for their efforts in this challenging year of 2022: For a skilled worker in the German plants, for example, the Audi profit share this year amounts to €8,510 euros (previous year: 5,670 euros).

Bentley, Lamborghini, and Ducati boast record figures

The Audi Group’s impressive results are due not least to the performance of Bentley, Lamborghini, and Ducati, all of which broke records in the 2022 fiscal year. Bentley, for example, again celebrated a new delivery record for the third time in a row: Delivering 15,174 vehicles (14,659), the British brand exceeded its previous record by 3.5 percent and also significantly increased revenue to €3,384 (2021: 2,845) million. The operating margin rose to an all-time high of 20.9 (2021: 13.7) percent, while operating profit was €708 (2021: 389) million, also significantly above the previous year's figure.

Lamborghini delivered 9,233 (2021: 8,405) cars to customers in the past fiscal year, with sales up 21.9 percent at €2,375 (2021: 1,948) million. Lamborghini generated €614 (2021: 393) million in operating profit for an operating margin of 25.9 (2021: 20.2) percent.

Despite the very challenging supply situation, Ducati delivered 61,562 (2021: 59,447) motorbikes to customers, the highest single-year number in the brand’s history. Sales increased by 24.0 percent to €1,089 (2021: 878) million, not least due to the improved price position. Operating profit rose to €109 (2021: 61) million, while the operating margin hit 10.0 (2021: 7.0) percent.

Financial result slightly higher than previous year

The Audi Group’s financial result increased significantly in 2022 to €1,522 (2021: 1,430) million. The Audi Group’s business in China, which is reflected in this figure, contributed €1,153 (2021: 1,140) million to earnings. Earnings after taxes at the end of the year amounted to €7,116 (2021: 5,649) million.

Net cash flow: Second-highest figure in company history

The Audi Group’s net cash flow came in at €4,808 (2021: 7,757) million in 2022, a strong performance that also marks the second-highest figure in the company’s history. The decline (compared with the exceptionally high figure from the previous year) is attributable partly to the increased inventories that ensure our ability to deliver and partly to the continued disruption of logistics and supply chains. In addition, higher taxes and changes affecting holdings, such as the one-off capital contribution to Audi Formula Racing GmbH and the spin-off of sales companies within the Volkswagen Group, also had an impact on net cash flow. Furthermore, there was a year-on-year increase in investments, including those of Audi FAW NEV Company Ltd. which is fully consolidated within the Audi Group. With the new production plant for fully electric Audi models based on the PPE being built in Changchun, the Group is paving the way for the expansion of the localized fully electric product portfolio in China.

A look at the 2023 fiscal year

 “Audi demonstrated great financial strength in 2022 despite challenging global conditions and broke records in revenue and operating profit,” said Audi CFO Jürgen Rittersberger. “These results give us confidence that we will continue to achieve our ambitious strategic goals going forward.”



The brand group currently foresees – subject to the supply situation and global economic performance – that the Group will continue to see positive developments in the fiscal year 2023: Deliveries of brand group models to customers are expected to be between 1.8 and 1.9 million cars, while revenue is expected to reach a new record level of between €69 billion and €72 billion. The operating margin is expected to be between 9 and 11 percent, assuming that car prices remain high. The Audi Group expects its net cash flow to be between €4.5 billion and €5.5 billion, which represents a continuation of its strong performance.

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