07 July, 2024

Family Development Foundation Launches Summer Activities at Al Dar Children and Youth Club



Abu Dhabi, July 05, 2024: In line with its commitment to fostering the development of life, social, creative, and entrepreneurial skills among children and youth, Family Development Foundation (FDF) has launched a variety of summer activities from July 1 to August 1, 2024. The month-long activities, held at all the centres of ‘Al Dar Children and Youth Club’ in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra Region, includes a range of sports and volunteer activities.


This initiative is designed to positively engage children during their free time, benefiting both the community and families. It aims to impart essential life skills, promote healthy and sound nutritional habits, and educate children on the concepts of rights and duties, both at home and outside.


Asila Al Kalbani, Director of the Child and Youth Department at the Family Development Foundation, said, “This year’s summer program is different from previous editions as it offers a comprehensive array of awareness, educational, and recreational workshops tailored to meet the needs of families and community members, including children and youth. These include workshops on enhancing sibling relationships, fostering stronger parent-child bonds, and developing essential digital skills.”


Al Kalbani noted that numerous interactive workshops will be presented such as ‘Different but Unique,’ ‘Bridge of Communication,’ ‘Digital Addiction,’ ‘Digital Generation Heroes,’ ‘How to Understand Each Other,’ ‘Effective Listening Adventure,’ ‘My Personal Boundaries,’ ‘Together Despite Our Differences,’ ‘Art of Communication,’ ‘Emotion Expert,’ and major activities focused on sustainability.


Through its services, programs, and activities, the FDF strives to instil sound values in society and develop personal and social skills, creating an aware and educated community capable of facing various social challenges. These programs are designed to meet the psychological and social needs of every individual, contribute to making an impact, and enhance community cohesion and stability.