22 May, 2023

Energy Storage Production Company ‘VOLTS’ Showroom Opens in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi

Volts UAE Ltd. is a production company creating smart home energy storage systems and founded in UAE in 2019. 

(Abu Dhabi, 22 May) Home-based VOLTS, a smart energy storage system, has opened its showroom in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi this month. VOLTS started as one of the portfolio companies of The Catalyst, a joint venture between Masdar City and BP focused on clean-tech. Since then, they have established as a full-fledged organization begins a full-scale production of clean energy storage systems in the capital. 


VOLTS is an energy storage system that provides a reliable power supply, providing homes with electricity when they are cut off from the grid. It has 4 – 45 kW power (the configuration of the required power individually and can be expanded) and up to 24 hours of self-contained operation. VOLTS also forms an independent solar station in one box in combination with solar panels, so you can supply your house or premises with clean electric energy for various purposes.

VOLTS is the only one on the energy storage market that offers customization of the device case. VOLTS customers can choose any color or print for the case: a traditional ornament or even a poster of their favorite rock group. Due to its compact size, VOLTS can be easily integrated into the interior of any home.

“The new VOLTS showroom not only showcases their innovative smart-energy storage products, but also demonstrates their dedication to empowering individuals to use solar electricity,” said Suleiman Amin, the managing director of The Catalyst. “The Catalyst is proud to support VOLTS as they contribute to Masdar City’s sustainable tech ecosystem and help pave the way for a carbon-neutral power supply.”

VOLTS is 100% eco-friendly and clean: It doesn’t produce any noise or emissions so it can be installed in any room of the house and become a technological part of the home decor.

Energy storage today is a new device for most users. But it already defines the way people will consume electricity in the near future.







Grand Opening: 18 May 2023

VOLTS showroom, located in center of Masdar City, will open to the public starting May 18. During the grand opening, the product specs will be explained to selected guests to showcase the importance of sustainable technologies and how they operate. The VOLTS team and the members of the Masdar City team will be present. Masdar City is a pioneer of clean energy tech innovation. 

VOLTS team 

·      Aleksandr Kiianitsa – Co-founder & CEO

·      Vladimir Mlynchik – Co-Founder

·      Artem Denisov – Co-Founder

·      Andrei Kozhevin - Managerial Partner

·      Anna Talueva – Sales Director


·      Abdullah Balalaa – Chairman, Masdar City 

·      Mohamed Al Breiki - Executive Director, Masdar City 

·      Ahmed Baghoum – CEO, Masdar City

·      Salem bin Ashoor - Vice President, BP, United Arab Emirates  

·      Suleiman Amin - Managing Director, The Catalyst