21 February, 2023

When Prey Meets Predator: Empire Entertainment and Xstrike Launches the Most Epic Laser Tag Experience Yet with the ‘65 Battlefield Challenge’

21st February 2023, Dubai, UAE: We’re going Cretaceous style as Empire Entertainment, the exclusive theatrical distributor of the upcoming Sony Pictures action thriller 65, is teaming up with Xstrike to give you the most epic movie-inspired laser-tag experience this Sunday, February 26.

Gear up for the “65 Battlefield Challenge at Xstrike” dedicated to the upcoming movie 65, the latest action thriller produced by the legendary filmmaker of the Spider-Man trilogy and the Evil Dead franchise Sam Raimi, and directed by the great writers of A Quiet Place, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. The film stars Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt, who are two survivors from the far future whose ship crashed on Earth, seemingly going back in time to Earth’s Cretaceous period 65 million years ago. Watch as they battle dinosaurs with futuristic weaponry in this epic showdown between the distant past and the distant future!

To give moviegoers a taste of the action, Xstrike is releasing three new game modes: Prey vs. Predator, Dinosaurs vs. Humans, and Survival of the Fittest exclusively on Sunday, February 26 from 6:15pm. Just like the movie, the lead characters rely on their instincts and laser technology to survive this prehistoric challenge. The Prey vs. Predators mode chooses two players randomly to act as predators with unlimited ammunition and 1000 health points, while the rest must act as prey with limited ammunition and 100 health points, along with unlimited respawns. The Dinosaurs vs. Humans mission will be played in two teams, each with a Dominator tube. The team must shoot the opposing team’s Dominator tube for it to change to their team’s color and earn a point, and the team with the most points win. Finally, the Survival of the Fittest mode is a free-for-all game where players must score the most points by shooting each other within 65 seconds until the 2 remaining survivors with the most points are crowned victorious.

Top scorers from all the missions will win tickets to attend the premiere of 65 on Wednesday, March 1 at Reel Cinemas, The Dubai Mall.

Xstrike will be offering this out-of-this-world laser tag experience for AED99 in-person booking, or AED89 with an online booking for a 60-minute session of 6 game modes, which will include 3 from the 65 Battlefield Challenge. The game modes will be available only February 26, 2023 from 6:15pm until closing time.

Watch this mind-blowing clash between humungous dinosaurs and people from the future with the film 65, in theatres from March 2.

For more information, see https://xstrike.com/